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Crissolo Pian delle Regine: weather forecast next days
Soft cloudly
Temp: -2°C
Soft cloudly
Wind: 1 knots
T=0 level: 1500 m
Temp: -3°C
No Wind
Friday Morning
Temp: -5°C


photo by paolo valvo
Snow Area Preview
update 4 January 2016

Last snow:
3 January 2016, 5 cm

Crissolo is at 1318 m altitude, at the foot of Monviso, in a richly vegetated area, and hosts the largest ski resorts of the Po Valley, created in the second half of the 1950s.
Since 1993 there are two side skilifts Granero and a new two-seater chairlift that, combined with existing facilities on the Pian Regina, form a modern, well established ski resort in the beautiful Alpine scenery of Monviso.

Thanks to the comfortable chair lift which starts from the town centre, you can reach the ski facilities up to the maximum height of 2020 m. Granero, along the route is the longest track, approximately 1.5 kilometers.

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panoramica pro shop test

Launch of the Snow Shop Test of Bardonecchia, B2B tests most famous' Italian

by Angelo Bonorino
Sunday 31 January
The Snow & nbsp; Shop & nbsp; Test & nbsp; 2016, & nbsp; test & nbsp; more & ugrave materials; famous' Italian to nstri starting in Bardonecchia, with a rich variety of activities & agrave program ;. The & nbsp; sixth edition & nbsp; & nbsp; Italian trade show dedicated to & nbsp; shops & nbsp; & nbsp snowboarding, and ski & egrave; once again focused & nbsp; to test & nbsp; on the field & nbsp; products for the next 2016/2017 season, right in the middle of the sales campaign.
Funivia del Monte moro

Slows the connection project between Macugnaga and Saas Fee

by Michela Caré
Wednesday 25 November 2015
It continues to slow the project of creating a ski Italian & ndash; Swiss connecting Macugnaga Saas Fee in the Swiss private investors have pulled back.
Prato Nevoso apertura Nov 2015

Prato Nevoso anticipates the 'open systems and snow parks to 28 November

by Rino Galeno
Tuesday 24 November 2015
Prato Nevoso opens early. Thanks to the first snowfall of the season, the ribbon cutting of the winter season 2015-2016 is anticipated one week than the traditional bridge of & rsquo; Immaculate. & Nbsp; Saturday, November 28 the first ski in the area and also the first occasion to inaugurate the Snowpark of the Basin. The season of night skiing & open his agrave; instead next Saturday with the traditional feast of & rsquo; Open Season which has drawn thousands of young people in Conca.

Vialattea, the novelty for the season 2015/2016

by Michela Caré
Tuesday 27 October 2015
The Milky Way & nbsp; ready to start the new season with novelties & agrave ;, sporting events and improvements likely to increase the & rsquo; tourist flow, and better meet customer needs.

Ski Lurisia, the plants are likely to remain closed

by Michela Caré
Wednesday 14 October 2015
Monte Pigna Lurisia ski, ski resort Piedmont, likely to close for the winter season 2015/2016 due to the failure of the gondolas Lurisia Ltd., the company & agrave; owner of the plant, which had outsourced the consortium to New Wind srl. Quest & rsquo; last has in fact sold their groomer.
piste San Domenico Ciamporino (immagine del 2008)

At San Domenico di Varzo a new gondola for 2016

by Michela Caré
Thursday 6 August 2015
San Domenico, small resort & agrave; Piedmont's ski Valdidedro, aims to innovate for the end of 2016 with a new eight-passenger gondola that congiunger & agrave; the country Ciamporino with an intermediate stop at the Red House to replace the chairlift.

Bielmonte, March 21, stage 1000 World Cup Slalom Ski Vintage

by Michela Caré
Wednesday 18 March 2015
1000 slalom World Cup Ski Vintage & make agrave; stage, Saturday, March 21, at Bielmonte with the I & deg; Locanda Argimonia trophy.
prali 2

Prali, March 7 fourth stage of 1000 World Cup Slalom Ski Vintage

by Michela Caré
Wednesday 4 March 2015
A & rsquo; the other day & Outdoors; teaches skiing d & rsquo; era. This time, to accommodate the & rsquo; Event 1000 Slalom World Cup Ski Vintage, sar & agrave; Prali, in Piedmont, in & rsquo; high Val Germanasca. Saturday, March 7, starting at 17:00, will start & agrave; Baby on the pitch and you come down & agrave; on a path drawn with bamboo poles & ugrave ;.

Macugnaga, February 28 third stage of 1000 World Cup Slalom Ski Vintage

by Michela Caré
Friday 27 February 2015
Tomorrow, February 28, will be held & agrave; Macugnaga, in Piedmont, the third leg of the slalom in 1000 & ndash; Vintage Ski World Cup. Participation & egrave; addressed to all, young and old, in possession of clothing d & rsquo; age: leather boots and wooden skis, leather boots and skis with metal or fiber prior to 1970 and ski straight, as they used before 1985, with boots plastic. Can altres & Igrave; join all those who have a pair of skis modern kastellaar.
Prali Freeride Event: tre giorni all'insegna del fuoripista con gare, corsi e test materiali

Prali Freeride Event: all''insegna three days of off-piste with competitions, courses and test materials

by Andrea Ferretti
Tuesday 17 February 2015
From Friday & Igrave; March 6 to Sunday, March 8, 2015 will be held & agrave; Prali (TO), the first edition of Prali Freeride Event, an event dedicated to freeride and the world of the mountain in all its forms. Lots of activities & agrave; proposals: outputs among stunning scenery with experienced mountain guides Mountain Passion, courses freeride and telemark and material evidence of the best brands on the market, ski, snowboard and splitboard.