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Crissolo Pian delle Regine: weather forecast next days
Temp: 15°C

Wind: 2 knots
T=0 level: 3600 m
Temp: 11°C

No Wind
Tuesday Morning
Temp: 11°C


monviso 2006
monviso 2006
photo by paolo valvo
Snow Area Preview
update 19 April 2017

Last snow:
20 December 2016, 40 cm

Crissolo is at 1318 m altitude, at the foot of Monviso, in a richly vegetated area, and hosts the largest ski resorts of the Po Valley, created in the second half of the 1950s.
Since 1993 there are two side skilifts Granero and a new two-seater chairlift that, combined with existing facilities on the Pian Regina, form a modern, well established ski resort in the beautiful Alpine scenery of Monviso.

Thanks to the comfortable chair lift which starts from the town centre, you can reach the ski facilities up to the maximum height of 2020 m. Granero, along the route is the longest track, approximately 1.5 kilometers.

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L11 March Meras back the cup, the more crazy the arc alpine bobsled race

by Michela Caré
Thursday 23 February 2017
Saturday, March 11 on the Alpe di Mera snows will host the 19th edition of the race bob Mera's Cup. Two hundred brave participants, grouping twenty-knit teams and divided into the categories of ladies, senior and junior, will compete for the title and the coveted cup in a thrilling descent of two kilometers. The day will begin with the distribution, at the headquarters of Pro Loco di Mera, the chest and the transponder (mandatory withdrawal before 14.00) that will allow the detection time of each competitor. 16.00 appointment at the Grove Bar with music and mulled wine.

Amatrice family moved to Limone Piemonte to begin a new life

by Michela Caré
Monday 30 January 2017
A pair of restaurateurs Torrrita (fraction of amateur), Henry and Veronica Neroni, have accepted the proposal of John Bottero, 66, former manager of a farm in Limone Piemonte, that on the facebook page "Residenza il Girasole" was launched in December the appeal of wanting to free offer its local, now idle for more than a year, to those in the earthquake have lost their restaurant.

Lurisia, they reopen the plant with a new management company

by Michela Caré
Friday 23 December 2016
After the close of last season, Lurisia, the small ski resort of Piedmont, is ready to reopen. implants. The announcement was the Lurisia Gs Pigna, the new company that has taken over the station, on his facebook page.
babbo natale artesina

The 'December 8 begins the winter season Artesina with Santa Claus parade

by Michela Caré
Tuesday 6 December 2016
Thursday, December 8 begins the winter season Artesina. As per tradition, the protagonists will be many "Santa Claus" on Saturday 10 will parade on the snow. At the moment the collar chairlift and the eponymous track will be open. The price of the daily ski pass is 10 EUR.

25 November open the works to Alagna

by Michela Caré
Sunday 20 November 2016
Friday, November 25 will begin the season in Alagna Valsesia, the Piedmont town is part of the Monterosa Ski. For several days we have been driven the snow-making facilities that will allow you to ski on the highest part of the ski resort that is on the slopes of dell'Olen area and Cimalegna.
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Slipping, The event dedicated to skiing and alloutdoor Valsesian November 19 to 27

by Michela Caré
Friday 11 November 2016
From November 19 to 27 back to Novara, at the mall San Martino 2, the third edition of "Gliding", the event dedicated to skiing and the outdoors for the promotion and enhancement of Valsesian territory.
Rossignol Casalino

A week of intensive training in Alagna to change your skiing attitude

by Elena Grupallo
Saturday 5 November 2016

Alagna Ski Academy is an intensive and personalised ski training programme restricted to groups of up to 6 participants, divided into six levels of ability and aimed at technical improvement and to achieving maximum selfassurance and confidence on all terrains.
DiscoveryAlps Holiday is a partner of the team of instructors and coaches at the Alagna Monterosa Ski Academy that guarantees the highest quality of teaching in the field as well as revision and consolidation of the results achieved.

garessio 16 02 2013 skilift

Garessio 2000, the opening of the plant at risk

by Michela Caré
Thursday 20 October 2016
Garessio 2000 & nbsp; Piedmontese small ski resort situated at 1370 meters d & rsquo; height, in the province of Cuneo, quest & rsquo; year rischier & agrave; not to open the lifts.
alpe devero

Alpe Devero, launched the tender for the management of the chairlift Monte Cazzola

by Michela Caré
Wednesday 14 September 2016
& Egrave; was launched from & rsquo; Union of Municipalities Upper Ossola the tender for the management of the two-seater chairlift Monte Cazzola that so far had been run by the Alberti family.

Bardonecchia, the villa of Mazzaferro boss becomes holiday home

by Michela Caré
Friday 9 September 2016
As of September 24, the villa of Bardonecchia that belonged to the boss of the crime & agrave; Calabrian organized, Francesco Mazzaferro & nbsp; diverr & agrave; a vacation home, called "" L & rsquo; Beehive, & nbsp; and sar & agrave; managed by & rsquo; Association scouts & ldquo; Freely Together Bardonecchia & rdquo ;.