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  1. by Max ValleFriday 18 August, 2

    It ended under the oars Mattia Casse, which was never completely cured by the fracture to the right malleol, which came with a sneak peak in the slalom race of the world championship of St. Moritz on 13 February.

  2. by Michele DardanelliFriday 18 August, 1

    Archived the opening stage of the Summer Grand Prix at Courchevel, the special jump jumper went to the Czech Republic for a double competition in that of Frenstat pod Radhostem. This afternoon the first race was played by Yuki Ito, but it was more about Sara Takanashi to talk about himself.

  3. by Redazione TurismoWednesday 16 Au

    With a statement on the Facebook page Pirovsno Stelvio, the Glaze Plant Company announced the reopening of the plant itself. Here is the statement.

  4. by Francesco PaoneWednesday 16 Au

    In Norway, cross-country skiing and biathlon are more popular than the Champions League final, even if you race on asphalt using skirolls. This is what emerges from the data published by the Norwegian biathlon federation about the broadcast of the Blink Festivalen.

  1. Mattia Casse operated to the right ankle
  2. Yuki Ito wins the first race of Frenstat, but always tells Sara Takanashi
  3. Sunday reopens the Stelvio glacier
  4. In Norway, the Blink Festival was more followed by the Champions League final!
The ropeway service in the Valle d'Aosta region booms to the Cogne-Pila link


The ropeway service in the Valle d'Aosta region booms to the Cogne-Pila link

The technical report of the ropeway service in the Valle d'Aosta Region has actually ruled out the routing of the cableway between Cogne and Pila, but it is possible to make a probable new telecabine that extends the Aosta-Pila up to the Couis.

Agreements with Demaclenko to bring snow to Russia and Presolana-Monte Pora


Agreements with Demaclenko to bring snow to Russia and Presolana-Monte Pora

The Demaclenko snow company, born in 2011 when Demac and Lenko joined the Leitner group, is ready, despite the heat, to bring snow to the mountains next winter.

Decathlon expands to Germany and arrives in Australia


Decathlon expands to Germany and arrives in Australia

The remarkable chain of sporting goods Decathlon is expanding considerably in Germany: in addition to being opened this year in Karlsruhe, Ingolstadt and Cologne, there will be open seven more by the end of 2017.

Foppolo, possible winter reopening


Foppolo, possible winter reopening

Alberto Carrara, Federico Clemente and Annamaria Angelino, bankruptcy curators of Brembo Super Ski, the company that operated the ski lifts of Foppolo and who failed, were said to be available to reopen the slopes of the resort of the Upper Val Brembana next winter .

Meteo Neve italia
Meteo neve italia


Weather Forecasts for next days

Weather Forecasts in Italy for the next four days. Snow, sunny o cloudy? >>

07:34:39: Scomparso il ghiacciaio del Calderone in Abruzzo

C'era una volta il ghiaccio più a Sud dell'Europa e si trovava incastonato nelle nostre montagna abruzzesi, più precisamente sul Gran Sasso in Abruzzo. Il caldo e la siccità hanno fatto purtroppo sparire il ghiacciaio del Calderone, tant'è che la sorgente che alimenta il rifugio Franchetti si è ridotta a in filo, una situazione senza uguali negli ultimi 30 anni. Anche le foto scattate poco prima di Ferragosto mostrano la conca del Calderone con solo qualche minuscola chiazza di ghiaccio e neve. Situato tra i 2650 e i 2850 metri di altezza si trattava del ghiaccio più meridionale del Vecchio continente, non essendosi contata in passato la catena dell'Elbrus e non essendo stati considerati come ghiacciai alcuni apparati recentemente discussi in letteratura. Secondo ... »