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Vacanze in armonia con l'ambiente e la natura

Speciale neve e ambiente: quando la settimana bianca si fa verde

Le località e le stazioni sciistiche sono spesso state criticate per l'elevato impatto provocato sull'ambiente naturale circostante. Per permettere ai turisti di sciare si è spesso passati sopra al rispetto della natura, disboscando interi versanti di montagna e costruendo impianti ed edifici senza rispettarne l'integrità e alterando il paesaggio.

Alla luce di un nuovo spirito "green" che sempre più rivaluta e pone l'accento sull'importanza della conservazione del patrimonio naturale, sono diverse le iniziative e le proposte di vacanza "ecologica" che spingono nella direzione opposta.

Tired of the usual white week? The alternative: holidays on the farm

Have you ever tried a farm holiday in winter? Then you will certainly know the delicious scent of a rich breakfast with products of the farm, the relaxing crackle of the wood stove, the cozy apartments and the winter relaxation of a farm holiday. Not yet? If you have never had this experience, then it is time to spend a holiday in one of the farms "Red Rooster"! Come and...

Alla scoperta dei Mercatini di Natale di Santa Maria Maggiore con la Ferrovia Vigezzina - Centovalli

Da venerdì 8 a domenica 10 dicembre in Val Vigezzo, nel cuore delle Alpi piemontesi, si terrà la 19esima edizione dei Mercatini di Natale di Santa Maria Maggiore con oltre 200 bancarelle.


Go skiing by train without having to marry with the machine, it is a major convenience for those who want to go on a skiing holiday, especially if it is the period of bad weather and heavy...

LEAPrus 3912: the new eco-hotel on Mount Elbrus

The geographical location of Mount Elbrus is fascinating: it is located at the center of the northern chain of the Caucasus, Russia, halfway between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea....

LEAPrus 3912. L'eco hotel più alto del mondo

Werfenweng, enjoy the sostenibility and respect for the environment in winter

The opportunity to practice the most varied winter sports immersed in breathtaking Alpine scenery, combined with a real commitment to climate protection, make Werfenweng an ideal...


Soft mobility in Plan, Passeiertal

A small town closed to traffic with an excellent range of leisure and sporting activities, all surrounded by unspoiled nature. We present you the ideal place to spend pleasant hours to...

Plan - Moso in Passiria

Ceresole Reale, la porta d'ingresso piemontese al Parco del Gran Paradiso

Ceresole Reale è una suggestiva località nel versante piemontese del Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso. Un piccolo paesino di poco più di un centinaio di abitanti, ultimo...

Ceresole Reale

Monte Rosa hut: a self-sustaining eco-retreat on solar energy

The new Monte Rosa Hut is located at 2.883m on the Glaciers of the Rose, above Zermatt, and was inaugurated in 2009 by replacing the old structure dating back to 1895. The building has a...

FOTO: Capanna del Monte Rosa

Hosquet Lodge: a structure eco-friendly at the foot of the Matterhorn

Hosquet Lodge of Cervinia is a twentieth-century cottage in Valle d‘Aosta recently affected by a renovation project inspired by criteria of total eco-sustainability and environmental...

FOTO: Hosquet Lodge, Valle d'Aosta

Valle d'Aosta, Chamois: a peaceful car-free community surrounded by snow

A beautiful plateau at the height of 1815 meters in front of the Matterhorn, lies the little city of Chamois, a characteristic peaceful and unspoiled alpine village where cars cannot...

FOTO: Chamois - Valle d'Aosta

Legaciò Mountain Resort in San Cassiano: eco-luxury vacations in the Dolomites

The effect of the mountain, the genuineness of the Ladin people, landscapes and wild so beautiful as to seem carved into the rock. In San Cassiano, in the mountains of the Dolomites -...

FOTO: Legaciò Mountain Resort - Alta Badia, Dolomiti

Farms in South Tyrol, a stay immersed in the snow and in the ecological tradition

Exit the door and find yourself in a magical place nestled in the snow near the ski slopes is the dream of every skier. If we combine this opportunity to experience the best of tradition...

FOTO: I masi dell'Alto Adige - Südtirol

Even the ski lift converts to photovoltaic

It‘s in Switzerland the first ski lift powered entirely by solar energy, an environmentally friendly ski lift hosted it is the Swiss ski resort that overlooks the town of Tenna...

FOTO: Anche lo skilift si converte al fotovoltaico

White Pod: ecovillage with an exclusive private ski slopes

Les Cerniers, a location in the heart of the Swiss Alps, stands an eco-village consists of 15 curious domed building that almost blend in with its surroundings: his name is White Pod....

FOTO: Villaggi di White Pod