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Technical buyer's Ski Guide, winter 2018/2019

Are you a kind of Slalom or you prefere Giant? Or the slopes are not for you and you like go Freeride? In all these cases the Neveitalia buyer's guide will let you know the best ski of winter season 2018/2019. All equipment presented was tested by our professional Tester, ski instructor, test specialist and good skiers

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Testers 2018/2019

  • Federico Casnati
    Federico Casnati
  • Stefano Belingheri
    Stefano Belingheri
  • Andrea Bergamasco
    Andrea Bergamasco
  • Max Novena
    Max Novena
  • Michele Landini
    Michele Landini
  • Alice Gabasio
    Alice Gabasio
  • Mattia Amato
    Mattia Amato
  • Alex Favaro
    Alex Favaro
  • Stefano Casalino
    Stefano Casalino
  • Tiziano Riva
    Tiziano Riva
  • Valentina Pepino
    Valentina Pepino
  • Alberto Sugliano
    Alberto Sugliano
  • Isabel Anghilante
    Isabel Anghilante
  • Giovanni Manfrini
    Giovanni Manfrini
  • Rolando Bertolina
    Rolando Bertolina
  • Laura Jardi
    Laura Jardi
  • Andrea Odinotte
    Andrea Odinotte
  • Nicola Sertorelli
    Nicola Sertorelli
  • Marco Suppa
    Marco Suppa
  • Alex Penengo
    Alex Penengo
  • Riccardo Giacomel
    Riccardo Giacomel
  • Ginevra Gentile
    Ginevra Gentile
  • Walter Nus
    Walter Nus
  • Tommaso Guasco
    Tommaso Guasco
  • Federico Secchi
    Federico Secchi
  • Andrea Leali
    Andrea Leali

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