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Alessandro Genuzio
Alessandro Genuzio

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Three italians get the Nations Cup qualifier. Out Von Schleinitz and Eitberger.

Tre azzurri su quattro centrano la qualificazione nella Nations Cup. Fuori Von Schleinitz e Eitberger.

Good news coming from Norway. Of the four blue that this'' today have ventured into the Nations Cup, three have qualified for the first round of the World Cup.

Kevin Fischnaller, Emanuel Rieder and Sandra Robatscher have managed to play a round clean in the event that assigns the last places available for participation in the real competition is valid for the Crystal Ball. The first Nations Cup of the season was literally dominated by Russia. Within the male has prevailed young Russian Alexandr Peretjagin that by just 99 thousandths compatriot Semen Pavlichenko and the'' Austrian Manuel Pfister trailing by 143 thousandths behind the winner. The two Italians in the race have hit the sixth place with Fischnaller'' and the eleventh position with Rieder. Positions that have amply qualified Italians to Sunday's race, though it raises a bit of concern'' made to mark the 24th place in the boost phase by Kevin Fischnaller, since this fundamental in recent years has increasingly purchase much importance to for the overall performance timekeeping. Big disappointment for the young German Julian Von Schleinitz that capsized in the'' last part of the race and therefore did not qualify for the test on Sunday. Among women, the success went to Russian Ekaterina Baturina who has a gap of 66 thousandths Latvian Ulla Zirne and 89 thousandths teammate Natalia Khoreva. Disappointing performance for the promising German Aileen Frisch, registered at the Nations Cup to gain experience in the international arena but transparent for the purposes of qualifying for the World Cup event, which ended only in seventh place ahead of only 9 thousandths positive Sandra Robatscher. There is'' l'' l'' has made other blue enrolled at the event, Andrea Vötter, who finished twenty-second place separated by two tenths from the fourteenth place that would be well qualified for the race tomorrow morning . Also in the women's field has witnessed a big twist. The German Dajana Eitberger that he was fighting for the victory has blatantly wrong in the final stretch of the track completely ruining their performance and finishing in last place and being ousted from the trial as a result of the World Cup. Finally, to celebrate the Russian domination of this Nations Cup, we thought Yuzhakov-Makhnutin, Bogdanov-Medvedev Denisyev Antonov-and-Kuryshkin Kuzmich who gave Russia a pleasing poker. In this discipline, there were no notable defections to the exclusion of the'' American duo Niccum-Terdiman. With regard to the criteria for the allocation of seats in the Nations Cup and'' s current ranking in the merit group of the three disciplines of the snowmobile is invited to consult the following link. To discover the secrets TRACK click here For the presentation of the test FEMALE click here For the presentation of proof of DUAL click here For the presentation of the test MALE click here