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Alessandro Genuzio
Alessandro Genuzio

photo by Senad Omanović

The track will come to Sarajevo restored to host summer events in luge

La pista di Sarajevo verrà restaurata per ospitare eventi estivi di slittino
The Olympic track of Sarajevo, which was heavily damaged by the conflict of the nineties, will be partially restored to house compezioni summer toboggan skates.
The good news comes directly from the context of the Federation Bosnica Luge announced to the media that the already occurred start of work. The basin will undergo initial restoration in an area that will allow the final athletes to take advantage of a summer track a total length of 720 meters. The current project will be entirely funded by local authorities, but the president Senad Omanovic it is hoped in the future to have a greater involvement by private individuals and sponsors to complete the restructuring of the missing part of the system''. At the moment the historic plant built in 1982 on the slopes of Mount Trebević in the Olympic Games in Sarajevo, will be only used for summer events in luge, but it is not except that in view of the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival of 2017 the basin is not carried forward for the winter competitions. L'' Olimpijska staza za bob the sankanje Trebević addition to the Olympic Games is been the scene of various stages of the World Cup circuit bobsleigh and luge until the beginning of the nineties, when the outbreak of the war has marked the final closure. A wonderful news that there is a desire to bring new blood movement approaching new practitioners and new nations to discipline.