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Fabio Poncemi
Fabio Poncemi
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Simply impregnable: Ryoyu Kobayashi also dominates Hakuba's race 2 in the Japanese riot

Semplicemente imprendibile: Ryoyu Kobayashi domina anche gara 2 di Hakuba nel tripudio giapponese
Nothing to do for all the rivals against the star of Hachimantai, who signs the double as in the 2018 Summer Grand Prix.
Hakuba is still the summer kingdom of Ryoyu Kobayashi, who in the meantime has begun to dominate in every part of the world demonstrating an overwhelming superiority in the panorama of the male jump. Even 24 hours after the season debut in the first test on the Japanese trampoline, the 22-year-old Japanese is simply unreachable in a race 2 in which the winner of the 2018/19 World Cup trims the beauty of 28.9 points behind to Keiichi Sato, who also improves the 3rd place of the previous day, and over 34 to Yukiya Sato, the new yellow bib of the summer show after taking away the comeback podium, for only 1.7 points, to Junshiro Kobayashi in the Japanese triumph for a historical poker that comes after the hat-trick of the previous day. The beauty is that the country of the Rising Sun places 6 athletes in the first 7 places, given that behind Evgeniy Klimov, only 5 ° after having "turned" in second place (and with the mockery of the disqualification of the previous day that has private of another podium), we find Ito and Nakamura, respectively in 6th and 7th place. Impressive what Ryoyu Kobayashi did on the first jump in particular, signing a 130.5 mt from 2-3 lower starting poles compared to almost all the rivals, arrived immediately after a big jump of the brother Junshiro, distanced by 20 points (before he got inserted Klimov). Suffice it to say that an athlete in condition like Peier, who immediately jumped after the Japanese champion, caught fifty points behind him, under the same conditions ... The two Hakuba races have led to the Summer Grand Prix another Japanese that is experiencing a golden moment, Yukiya Sato who took advantage of the absence of Timi Zajc to overtake him by 8 points (244 to 236), but pay attention to Nakamura at an altitude of 225, to Keiichi Sato with 210 points and, above all, to Ryoyu Kobayashi himself who, with his 200 points, is a candidate to take the title should he compete in the last two stages. He will be back in the race in over a month in Hinzenbach, on the Austrian springboard that foresees qualifying and individual race on the weekend of September 28-29, to then close the following week in Klingenthal.