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In Predazzo, away to the World Masters Championships: Italy rejoices with Diego Dellasega "prophet in his homeland"

A Predazzo via ai Campionati del Mondo Master: l'Italia esulta con Diego Dellasega 'profeta in patria'
The 29-year-old blue is a great protagonist in his category, but the 74-year-old Aatto Lamminpaa also rejoices ...
And 'Diego Dellasega to mark the first day of the World Master Championships in jumping, scheduled until Saturday 14 at the stadium of the Predazzo jump. Some eighty athletes competing to represent thirteen nations battled among the various categories, both on the HS32 trampoline and on the HS66. One of the protagonists of the day was the Finnish Aatto Lamminpaa, born in 1945 able to surprise everyone, winning in his category the race on the HS66 trampoline, with two jumps of 41 and 44 meters respectively. Among the Azzurri, the first title came from the only athlete from home in the race: the predazzano Diego Dellasega triumphed, with two jumps of 55.5 and 58 meters, in the 20-29 age category. The former national and bronze medalist in the 2010 junior world championships, gave great satisfaction to the President of the US Dolomitica Roberto Brigadoi who is leading the event's Organizing Committee. The four women in the race were also excellent, as they competed both on the HS32 trampoline and on the HS66. After the individual tests on the HS104 and the team tests on the HS66, scheduled for Friday afternoon, tomorrow there will be the grand final of the world championship competition with the “King of the hill” and “Longest standing” races on the Olympic trampolines of Predazzo .