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Francesco Paone
Francesco Paone

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Sofia Tikhonova the new world champion junior female blowing

Sofia Tikhonova  la nuova campionessa del mondo junior di salto femminile
The Russian Sofia Tikhonova you & egrave; become the protagonist of a prestigious double. Today in Almaty is & egrave; graduated world champion junior female blowing, a few days after winning the medal 'gold also at the European Youth Olympic Festival.
The sixteen year old St. Petersburg was one of the favorites of the day before and not lived up to expectations, proving the 'athlete pi & ugrave; strong of the day, the fact testified dall''avere achieved the best score in both race series. Medal 'silver for the' Austrian Elisabeth Raudaschl that can & ograve; be considered in all respects the surprise today. The seventeen of Salzkammergut has to & ograve; won with about the place of 'honor, as the author of two excellent jumps. Bronze medal for un''altra Austrian, the well-pi & ugrave; Chiara listed H & ouml; LZL, managed to harpoon the podium with a comeback in the second set. Big disappointed the Slovenian Ursa Bogataj, forced to fourth. It was expected of pi & ugrave; also by Japanese Yuka Seto, seventh and exceeded even by Norwegian Anne Odine Str & oslash; Sije Opseth me. The 'unique blue committed, Veronica Gianmoena, concluded 24 ^. So for Russia comes the first junior world title and the first medal of the story. Tikhonova happens nell''albo of 'gold Sara Takanashi, winner of the last three editions. The Japanese was eligible for this event (and it will & agrave; again next year), but preferred to remain in Europe to compete in the World Cup. The 'Austria back on the podium of the World Junior for the first time in seven years, or since 2008 Jacqueline Seifriedsberger prevailed in Zakopane. Conversely Japan lacks the medal for the first time since 2010. ALMATY - WORLD JR. - HS1001. Tikhonova Sofia (RUS) 227.52. Elisabeth Raudaschl (AUT) 221.73. H & Öland; LZL Chiara (AUT) 217.44. Ursa Bogataj (SLO) 217.25. STR & Ø M Anna Odine (NOR) 212.2 6. Opseth Sije (NOR) 208.57. SETO Yuka (JPN) 206.88. HESSLER Pauline (GER) 206.69. IAKOVLEVA Mariia (RUS) 205 910. ERNST Gianina (GER) 204.4 Click here for complete results. For leaping Saturday & egrave; program in the team event. As seen today Austria big favorite, with Japan, Germany and Russia to represent the main alternatives.