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Michele Dardanelli
Michele Dardanelli

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Manuela Malsiner in history triumphed in the junior World Cup in Park City

Manuela Malsiner è nella storia: trionfa nei Mondiali junior a Park City
The first day of the Junior World Cup competitions, dedicated to special jump, began with the competition with the highest value of the entire World Championship event: the individual who covered the women's sector. A multitude of athletes, having already the status of a 'big' of the World Cup circuit, took part in the Park City at a very close race, which saw out winner Manuela Malsiner.
The blue was the star since the past few days, when you have played workouts: it blew constantly from the lower start gate than rivals, taking measurements of the system Soldier Hollow, the one famous for being the first two Simon Ammann Olympic titles in 2002. At a time when people started to get serious, the Gardena has performed its own performance with the pole base equal to the opponent, proving to be the athlete to beat: in the first competition series has performed a benefit from 93 meters, the best for long, but not as a total score. It was beaten by Ema Klinec 1.5 lengths, thanks to the judges' evaluations. In the decisive round, Manuela has launched the successful attack on Slovene: a measurement of 95.5 meters, again the best of the competition segment, has allowed to overtake the athlete Ziri, albeit losing, again, heavy stylistic points. Going back to 11 days, when the girl Ortisei lost the podium for the feedback of the judges in that Zao, it is clear the only weak point: the telemark. For the rest all square, with a high quality on the tooth in the boost phase, the prerequisite normal hill, the most frequented by women. For the female blue field, this is the 3rd junior title on 11 assigned: before the twenties, there are those of Lisa Demetz 2007 and Elena Runggaldier of 2010. Interestingly all three mentioned athletes come from Val Gardena, evidently a locations where you work very, very well. The only Kamikawa can boast as many titles, facilitated for being the birthplace of a certain Sara Takanashi. Returning to today's competition, the disappointment is high at home Slovenia: the now leader of the movement, Ema Klinec finally second, occurred in Utah as the athlete to beat at all, as it did 12 months ago in Rasnov: it must be said, in his defense, that actually Malsiner has a superior form was, but now risks becoming a placed, rather than a winning one. It closes the podium another athlete Ziri, that Nika Kriznar. For her regrets related to the style are even greater than for the Italian, in fact, the detachment from the head was only 1.9 lengths (one-tenth from second place), but the worst feedback received among the first three teams. For the Slovenian team there will be time to make up, in the coming days: victory for the women teams and in the infield with a good chance for the securities, provided that the fellow adventurers of Klinec and Kriznar are up. In this sense, have been of absolute constancy performance of four German, all in the top 10: Gianina Ernst (4 ^), Agnes Reisch (5th), Luisa Goerlich (7 ^) and Pauline Hessler (10 ^) have conducted a good race, but the gap from the podium is wide, that is, by about 20 points. The Italian party did not stop only at Malsiner more 'elderly': in fact the sister mizzen Lara took a 6th place that goes beyond the predictions, strengthened by two excellent workmanship jumps. This result should be worth it the place assured the senior World Championships in Lahti, which will start in the second half of February. In addition, it is having been the second best athlete born in 2000 and rimanendole three seasons as a junior, the conditions to repeat the success of Manuela can only esserle favorable. Completed the top 10 two Russian girls: the best was, surprisingly, Ksenia Kablukova eighth, followed by multi-medalist at youth level Sofia Tikhonova, which appears more and more on the decline compared to two years ago when he won at that Almaty. Honorable mention for the three athletes just outside the top ten: Daniela Haralambie (11 ^) is proving to be a constant athlete and above all able to show up at every appointment noteworthy, even if just a few days by another; twelfth place for the Canadian Natasha Bodnarchuk, the best of an ever growing team, which often makes the race even young girls in difficult situations such as the World Cup; Finally Kinga Rajda, author of a convincing performance which earned her the second best result ever for a Pole in a world championship event, supremacy conquered by herself in Rasnov. Now the girls will have the special skip a day of rest, and then return with the team event in pink hues. The event is scheduled for Friday, February 3 at 20.15, Italian time. WORLD JUNIOR - HS 100 1. Malsiner Manuela (ITA) 239.8 2. Klínec Ema (SLO) 238.0 3. Križnar Nika (SLO) 237.9 4. ERNST Gianina (GER) 219.7 5. REISCH Agnes (GER) 214.6 6. Malsiner Lara (ITA) 213.6 7. GOERLICH Luisa (GER) 208.3 8. KABLUKOVA Ksenia (RUS) 207.1 9. Tikhonova Sofia (RUS) 204.8 10. HESSLER Pauline (GER) 204.2 Click here for the full results.