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Massimo Brignolo
Massimo Brignolo

photo by FISI

Summer Grand Prix Combined Nordic: Italy wins the mixed relay

Summer Grand Prix Combinata Nordica: l'Italia vince la staffetta mista
Samuel Costa, Veronica Gianmoena, Annika Sieff and Alessandro Pittin imposed themselves in the opening round of the Combined Summer Grand Prix in Oberwiesenthal.
It opens with a Mixed Relay, an unprecedented format with a jump per competitor and a test on roller skis with 5 km for boys in the first and last leg and 2.5 for girls in the central fractions, the 2019 edition of the Summer Grand Prix of Combined Nordic and it is Italy to inaugurate the golden register of this tender supplier. In the Salto test I am the very young Annika Sieff and Veronica Gianmoena and hold up the blue quartet obtaining both the second score of the respective rotations in which the Russian Stefaniya Nadimova and the Norwegian Gyda Westvold Hansen impose the longest jump of gornata, 108.5 meters, but stained by a fall. In the men field the Austrian Johannes Lamparter and Franz-Josef Rehrl with Alessandro Pittin and Samuel Costa seventh and eighth stand out. At the start of the ski-roll segment, Austria I has a 19-second lead over Italy and 32 seconds over Russia while Norway I is sixth at 40 seconds. In the first fraction Franz-Josef Rehrl manages to maintain the command of the operations with Samuel Costa who places the best lap time and arrives at the gearbox just 8 seconds; Magnus Krog puts Norway back in third place with a gap of 29 seconds. In the first women's section Veronica Gianmoena brings the Italian quartet in first position in the middle of the race with a second advantage over the Norwegian Westvold Hansen, 5 on the Russian Stefaniya Nadymova and 8 on the Austrian Annalena Slamik. Anastasia Goncharova imposes a crazy rhythm to her fraction and presents herself at the last change with a good 33 seconds of advantage over the couple composed by Marte Lund and Annika Sieff while Austria is at 49 seconds. I'm Alessandro Pittin and Harald Riiber to go wild in the last leg; the two report on the Russian Ivanov (who at the finish line will close third at 24 seconds accusing one minute of delay on the 5 km) and easily overtake him with the blue that in the final detaches the Norwegian and precedes him on the finish line of 9 "6 for the victory of the Italian quartet.