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Massimo Brignolo
Massimo Brignolo

photo by FB FIS

Akito Watabe and Tara Geraghty-Moats win in Oberwiesenthal. Fourth Annika Sieff

Akito Watabe e Tara Geraghty-Moats vincono a Oberwiesenthal. Quarta Annika Sieff
The wind conditions made it impossible for the Salto test to take place and it was necessary to resort to the PCR results on Friday.
On Friday the best on the trampoline was the American Tara Geraghty-Moats with a jump of 98 meters and 116.5 points which allowed her to start with 17 seconds ahead of the Russian Stefaniya Nadymova and a minute on the Norwegian Gyda Westvold Hansen. Fourth after the PCR the young blue Annika Sieff, with a gap of 1''09 ", in front of Marte Lund, Veronica Gianmoena, the German Jenny Nowak and Annalena Slamik. In the 5 kilometers on the roller skis, the American dug a furrow with the opponents closing with a good 1''48 "advantage over Nadymova while the Norwegian Westvold Hansen was forced to retire. Jenny Nowak manages to occupy the third step of the podium at 2 ' '34 "preceding the blue Annika Sieff, fourth at 3''02" who defends the position from the return of Marte Lund, fifth, and of Anastasia Goncharova, sixth. Veronica Gianmoena closes in seventh position at 3''45 ". In the men's field, the PCR on Friday saw the Japanese team shine with Ryota Yamamoto's first place, 105 meters and 136.5 points for him, with a 10-second lead over Akito Watabe and 33 on Yoshito Watabe. Fourth place for Franz-Josef Rehrl (+46 "), fifth for the German Terence Weber and the Austrian Christian Deuschl for 52 seconds. The best of the Azzurri, Samuel Costa, closed the PCR in twentieth position with a gap of 1''32 "; Alessandro Pittin twenty-ninth took off at 2''14 ", Aaron Kostner and Raffaele Buzzi fortieth and forty-first around 3 minutes. Ryota Yamamoto collapsed in the 10 km on the roller skis and the race ended with a sprint that saw Akito Watabe take the lead, ahead of 1.5 the Austrian Rehrl and 3.6 brother Yoshito. Fourth position for the Austrian Martin Fritz at 21.2 while Samuel Costa, third time on the roller skis, goes up to the fifth position at 23.7. Alessandro Pittin closes in twenty-first position at 1.51.4 while he is 30th Raffaele Buzzi at 2.56.1. 34th Aaron Kostner (at 4.00.5)