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Francesco Paone
Francesco Paone

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The Austrians of the Nordic Combat for 2017-18 scares of health

L’Austria della combinata nordica per il 2017-’18 scoppia di salute
The Austrian ski federation has announced the composition of the national teams of the Nordic Combined in view of the 2017-'18 Olympic season. The decisions taken reflect the state of health of a flourishing and growing movement.
Compared with last year, the national team will rise from 5 to 6. Confirmed by various Bernhard Gruber, Mario Seidl, Wilhelm Denifl and Philipp Orter. Based on the results obtained, David Pommer and Franz-Josef Rehrl, promoted by Team A, are added to the elite of the movement, where Lukas Klapfer is "degraded". A team that is heavily modified. Confirmed are Flaschberger, Fritz, Lemmerer and Steindl. They joined the very young Florian Dagn and Mika Vermeulen, raised by team B, in addition to the "relegation" Klapfer. Instead, Lukas Greiderer, Thomas Jöbstl, Tomaz Druml and Sepp Schneider escaped. The first two will find a parachute in team B. Others will have to prepare themselves. Completely confirmed by the technical staff, led by Christoph Eugen, who will again use the collaboration of Christoph Bieler as a jumping-in coach and Italian Jochen Strobl for the fund industry. Wilhelm (1980) GRUBER Bernhard (1982) POMMER David (1993) REHRL Franz-Josef (1993) ORTER Philipp (1994) SEIDL Mario (1992) LEMMERER Harald (1991) STEINDL Fabian (1994) VERMEULEN Mika (1999) LEMMERER Harald (1991) STEINDL Fabian (1994) FLETCHBERGER Bernhard (1996) FRITZ Martin (1994) GERSTGRASER Paul SILVER B DEUSCHL Christian (1997) GREIDERER Lukas (1993) JÖBSTL Thomas (1995) MRAZ Noa Ian (1992) MRAZ Samuel (1998) RAINER Marc Luis (1999) (2000) RIEDER Daniel (1998) TERZER Dominik (1999) MOSER Timna (1999) MUSER Timna (1999) MUSER Timna (1999)