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Fabio Poncemi
Fabio Poncemi
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Edoardo Frau writes the story: golden encore at the World Championships in Marbachegg, his super-g is his too!

Edoardo Frau scrive la storia: bis d'oro al Mondiale di Marbachegg, č suo anche il super-g!
An extraordinary undertaking, the one signed by the blue champion of grass skiing in Switzerland.
In fact, the world championship of Marbachegg closes with the golden encore of Edoardo Frau, capable of winning the 18th career medal in a world championship review, the second in this event, triumphing in the men's super-g after beating last Thursday in super combined. Add to this the bronze brought home by the same 39-year-old native of Asiago (stationed in the Val d''Aosta a few years ago) in giant, in addition to the same metal medal by Pietro Guerini in slalom, and Italy greets with four pearls, signing a loot that can certainly make the technical director Fausto Cerentin smile. Frau was extraordinary in the Sunday super-g, managing to make a void compared to all his rivals, starting with the Swiss Mirko Hueppi who finished 2nd at 36 cents, while the Austrian Hannes Angerer took the bronze. Guerini came close to another medal, finishing 5th at 52 cents from his team-mate and 15 from the podium, with the other Azzurri a little further away, starting from Gritti (after the huge disappointment of the slalom) eighth , Rottigni, Zamboni and Buio who finished from 16th to 18th place, finally Anziutti 22th and Bleynat 24th. The women's blue sector instead closes the World Cup without medals: in the conclusive super-g, Margherita Mazzoncini, ninth, and Antonella Manzoni who finished tenth in the great day of Chisaki Maeda, who wrote the history of the discipline, ended far from the medals area. The Japanese won the fourth gold in as many races, beating the competition as the Czech Adela Kettnerova ended 58 cents away, while the other Japanese Marino Maeda finished third at 68 cents posting.