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Fabio Poncemi
Fabio Poncemi
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Mount Hotham "cursed", third postponement in three days; in Chile Breitfuss Kammerlander exults

Roberto Nani fuori dalle squadre nazionali ed è subito polemica: 'Neanche una chiamata o un incontro'
First stop of the Australian New Zealand Cup still in the pits due to bad weather: skip the slalom as well.
There is no peace at Mount Hotham, for four days of competitions that should have seen many Italians as protagonists in the two giants and in the two slaloms on the Australian snows. Also at the third attempt another postponement arrived, after the first two days in which the expected giant was not disputed: today's slalom has not been run and, at this point, only a couple of dates remain, between Thursday and Friday, to try to dispute at least one race between the rapid gates and a giant. FIS RACES IN CHILE There are no Italians competing in Corralco for the FIS races in Chile that are regularly going on stage and are also planning two giants. In the two slaloms of the beginning of the week, a brace has arrived both in the men's and women's sectors: Simon Breitfuss kammerlander, the '92 Bolivian passport class also well known in the European circuit, has imposed himself twice before the British Samuel Todd -Saunders. Among the women, however, one-two from the very young Chilean Matilde Schwencke, born in 2003.