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Max Valle
Max Valle
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Celebrated in Milan the Italian medalists at the FISI Media Day

Festeggiati a Milano gli azzurri medagliati mondiali al Media Day della FISI
Thirty-one world medals, ten golds, twelve silvers and nine bronzes. Three general World Cups that can soon become five, three specialty cups, 134 podiums in the World Cup with 54 first places. A fantastic year for Italian winter sports that was celebrated on the FISI Media Day held today at Terrazza Martini, in Milan.
World medalists Dominik Paris, Simon Maurberger, Sofia Goggia, Irene Curtoni and Lara Della Mea for alpine skiing were present, Federico Pellegrino and Francesco De Fabiani for cross-country skiing, Emanuel Perathoner, Omar Visintin and Michela Moioli for snowboarding, Lukas Hofer, Dominik Windisch, Lisa Vittozzi and Dorothea Wierer for biathlon. "I especially thank the athletes - FISI president Flavio Roda said to fisi.org -. If the Federation has grown so much in recent years, it is thanks to their successes, their commitment and their seriousness. The most important thing is precisely this: many important results come with clean-faced athletes who work to honor the Federation, Italy and sport and are also the result of targeted investments by the Federation. I believe from the beginning that Italy deserves the Olympics, the Milan-Cortina candidacy has all the requirements ". Always taken from fisi.org, here are the statements of some of the athletes. Dominik Paris (SCI ALPINO - World gold in super-G, winner of the World Cup of specialty in super-G, 7 World Cup victories): "You can always do better because an athlete is never satisfied, but if I think back to the super-G, I have fulfilled the dream of winning a gold medal at the World Cup. It was very exciting. For the specialty cup downhill I missed a few points too much, I missed three races. Kitz and Stelvio need more courage, but when I am fit I can do well even on the easier slopes, it matters a lot if you understand where the key point is. How can I do? Experience". Sofia Goggia (SCI ALPINO - World silver in super-G, a victory in the World Cup): “It was an unusual and unusual season. It was difficult to get injured within a week of the debut. I was at a crossroads: they told me that it took three months, I took the risk of putting on my skis when I wasn't completely healed in order to get to the World Championships. So I tried it from January 10th onwards and returned to Garmisch. I tried to play my cards as well as possible, there were a lot of doubts also about playing the second part of the season, but if I had done some calculations, even on the ranking, they wouldn't have reflected what they are. The giant? I have to work on it, I'll leave a little behind, from 40 to 45: I don't want to abandon it, but at the same time I don't want you to abandon my obsession. I will evaluate slowly. My goals are mostly on downhill and super G ". Federico Pellegrino (CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING - World silver in the sprint, two World Cup victories): "If I thought it was impossible to beat Klaebo, then I'd let it go. I've always tried, I'll try again next year. In the distance races I have shown I can claim a place in the top ten, but the calendar is very tight and I will continue to set the sprint season. The more the average level rises, the more tactical dynamics take over, it happened at the World Cup and in other World Cup races .. Cross-country skiing is historically head down and go, but now it's not just a matter of physique, but also of head and I'm at ease. The tactical component is increasingly important. When you have skis and performing legs, then your head takes over ". Michela Moioli (SNOWBOARD - World Bronze in snowboard cross): "The gold of the Olympics was a bit heavier, but that's okay too and I'm happy with how the season went. I tried to get involved knowing that the Samkova and the others would be aggressive, but I had a meniscus surgery before the season started. There were no victories, but I won with myself, because I was full of expectations, especially from me, and I was able to cope with this situation. The challenge in parallel to the Absolutes? We are snowboarders and I would like to be complete, even to improve. And to improve on the curves you need the alpine. I like it, for now it's fun and a way to grow in snowboardcross ". Dorothea Wierer (BIATHLON - World gold in the mass start, winner of the general World Cup and of the specialty cup in the chase, 3 victories in the World Cup): “I started the season well, then if you start with the yellow bib the pressure c 'is, because you have all eyes on you, but you don't have to chase anyone and that's okay. I have improved a lot on skis, I struggled a little more on shooting, from January onwards the percentages were not very high. During the year we have to train many hours at the shooting range, we do more or less 200 hours of shooting, 15 thousand shots per year. Our strength is that we are a good team, we know our strengths and weaknesses, we are almost like a family, our staff knows very well how to manage us, even when the races are less good. I regretted not being able to participate in the relay, we could have won a medal ".