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Fabio Poncemi
Fabio Poncemi
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photo by Salvatore Lopez

Today the adventure of Ivica Kostelic in the Palermo-Montecarlo takes off: "Vela, che passione ..."

Scatta oggi l'avventura di Ivica Kostelic nella Palermo-Montecarlo: 'Vela, che passione...'
A champion who has won everything in the world of skiing and, in anticipation of winter, faces the best in the world as a skipper of Spirit of Croatia ...
Ivica Kostelic fell in love with sailing, once he finished his extraordinary career in the snow, he began to play seriously in a sport just the opposite of what he practiced for years with immense sacrifices, considering how the Croatian champion and his sister Janica, led by the legendary father Ante, arrived at the summit of world skiing literally from nothing. Just today, the winner of the 2011 World Cup will leave for a great boat adventure, participating in the 15th edition of the Palermo-Montecarlo, the offshore regatta that will see the 39-year-old challenge the best sailors in the world, in a competition with 57 crews arriving from ten nations, starting at 12 o'clock from the Gulf of Mondello. Ivica will be the skipper of Spirit of Croatia, to face the 500 miles of sea that divide the Sicilian capital from the port of Montecarlo, with a forced passage to the height of Porto Cervo and then the choice whether to travel west or east of Corsica. "I can only thank the Società Canottieri Palermo for their hospitality during this period - Kostelic announced on the social networks - I have never met more pleasant people than the Sicilians". While the former champion enjoys the sea and this great passion, winter is approaching and Ivica will draw closer to the young people who have made a resounding growth in recent years, working in support of the federation of their own country. From the Kolega brothers (Elias and Samuel, born in '96 and '99), passing through Vidovic and Rodes, Croatia's skiing season is already upon us.