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Manfred Moelgg still wants ... Hirscher: "Without him everything would be more boring, I hope to beat him sometimes"

Manfred Moelgg vuole ancora... Hirscher: 'Senza di lui sarebbe tutto più noioso, spero di batterlo qualche volta'
At 37, the blue veteran has anything but the desire to give up and turns his thoughts to the King of the World Cup.
Manfred Moelgg has already flown in Argentina in the past few days, along with his national slalom team mates, for the umpteenth overseas trip of a career that does not want to stop, also because the slalomgigantist Marebbano has shown that he can still be competitive, especially among the rapid gates. In an interview granted to colleagues from, Manfred spoke about Marcel Hirscher and the possibility that the Austrian ace leaves the competitions even before the start of the season that will start in a couple of months in Solden: " Marcel is simply an exceptional athlete and, without him, it would all be more boring - the thought of the "old" Manfred - He took the circuit to an extreme level and it's always fun to confront him. I will try again to go faster than him, at least sometimes ". Moelgg will be one of the most experienced athletes at the start of the next World Cup: "It will be my 16th season in the maximum circuit (excluding the debuts dated 2003, ed), but I am still very well. The motivation is all there, I like to train and I am always looking for new challenges. As a team captain, I have already experienced and understood many things, always trying to get the most out of every experience. " The post-Olympic season was the first without her sister Manuela in the race ... "I'm not sad that she stopped, even if at the beginning it was a strange feeling not to have her by her side on certain occasions, because it was a decision that he took after living a great career with an amazing last year. Hailing from top 7 in his specialty is not for everyone ”.