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Fabio Poncemi
Fabio Poncemi

The Azzurri of the European Cup group are divided: sprinters at the Stelvio, slalomgigantisti in Saas Fee

Salgono allo Stelvio i velocisti del gruppo Coppa Europa: sei giorni sul ghiacciaio per Guglielmo Bosca e compagni
We are moving towards a week full of training for the youth of the national team working on the glaciers of the Alps.
The blue group of the European Cup will be divided, starting from Sunday 13 October, to face important days of preparation on skis. Returning from the work done in Ushuaia, the sprinters will return to confidence with the snow, expected at the Stelvio Pass where, until Saturday 18, Alexander Prast, Florian Schieder, Nicolò Molteni, Federico Paini, Federico Simoni, Mattia Cason, Henri Battilani will train Guglielmo Bosca and Pietro Zazzi. Accompanying the boys will be Lorenzo Galli, Patrick Staudacher, Eros Belingheri, Paolo Bianchetti, Irvin Marta, Einar Prucker and Davide Verga. On 13 October the European Cup team of technical disciplines will also meet, for the usual athletic tests to be performed in Olgiate Olona. Pietro Canzio, Francesco Gori, Tobias Kastlunger, Samuel Moling, Hans Vaccari and Giulio Zuccarini will be present, along with technician Marco Maffei. The next day, the players will move to Saas Fee for six days under the orders of the technicians Devid Salvadori, Fabrizio Martin, Marco Maffei, Maurizio Urbani and Cesare Prati.