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Foss-Solevaag confesses towards the revival season: "My models? Bode Miller and Rafa Nadal"

Foss-Solevaag si confessa verso la stagione del rilancio: 'I miei modelli? Bode Miller e Rafa Nadal'
Behind Henrik Kristoffersen, he is the only other Norwegian in the top 30 of slalom WCSL and at 28 he sees new horizons.
Sebastian Foss-Solevaag is back from a vintage that has seen him return a little closer to the top of the world slalom, with Zagreb's 6th place, the 12th in the Are world championship race and, what better result, fifth place in the city event of Stockholm. Of course, for one who has won two podiums in the World Cup (the last one on March 20, 2016 with 3rd place in the slalom of the finals in Sankt Moritz, previously he had always risen on the third step of the podium in Zagreb 2015) and at the PyeongChang Games he took the bronze in the event team, throwing a possible medal in his "slalom" to the winds, finishing in 10th place, they are not sensational results but indicate a possible ascent of the 28 year old from Alesund. To the notebooks of the FIS press office, Foss-Solevaag confessed in a long interview that we summarize starting from a concept: "I have to have fun to make the most of it, because it allows me to train better and push more and more every day". Back near the top 15 on the slalom starting lists, with the current 20th place becoming 19th with the retirement of Felix Neureuther, the Norwegian specialist admits that there might not be only the races among the rapid gates, in his next future ... "I would like to compete more during the season, in addition to the city events and the combos I've already done on some occasions. I train the giant a lot in the pre-season, but due to my situation at the level of rankings it is difficult to think of competing in the World Cup; the calendar among others is very compressed and I need to set priorities, but getting better FIS points in giant is a long-term project ”. Being part of a "special" team like the Norwegian national team, which also proposes Nestvold-Haugen and Nordbotten in the slalom close to the top 30, brings more advantages or disadvantages? Here is the answer: "For me it's like a family, because I spend more time with my teammates and coaches than my loved ones. The advantage is to train a lot together, especially in spring and summer, and share the same philosophy, pushing one with the other. The only real disadvantage is that of having a small group during the winter, since the programs are very different with the boys who practice other disciplines ". In the first season without captain Svindal ("obviously we will miss him and all the fans, but he left us an example of behavior to follow and with him he is a great example like Jansrud"), for Foss-Solevaag the stimuli will not fail, also driven by a couple of models that have always inspired it. “As a young man I was almost obsessed with Bode Miller - the Norwegian confesses - He was my hero, also because at the time we didn't have too many high level skiers in our country, with many injuries for Aamodt and Kjus; I started to follow the ski assiduously following the American and I really thought of wanting to become a World Cup athlete. In general, however, I am a big fan of Rafael Nadal: I follow him since 2005 when he won his first Roland Garros, he is an incredible athlete and I like his style, because he never gives up and comes back stronger and stronger after an injury. He is my model of reference.