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Fabio Poncemi
Fabio Poncemi
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World Cup Cortina 2021, will be Sofia Goggia l'Ambassador: tonight meeting with the fans in Piazza Dibona

Sofia Goggia in partenza per il Cile. Discesiste e slalomgigantiste baciate dal sole a Zermatt
The announcement is already official, with the Olympic champion taking part in the "Queen of the Dolomites".
Sofia Goggia had given the first clues on social media, then Fisi herself thought of removing the veil. The star of the Italian women's ski will be the Ambassador of the world championships in Cortina 2021, with the same Goggia that will meet fans and enthusiasts this evening, starting at 18, in Piazza Dibona, which celebrated only less than two months ago also the assignment of the 2026 Olympic Games in Milan-Cortina. In February 2021, on that Olympia delle Tofane which saw her triumph in the first descent of January 2018 (a few weeks before the PyeongChang Olympic gold) after having already climbed the podium the previous year, Sofia will then have a different responsibility, as well as all the lights aimed at the sporting result. Tonight in the square, the downhill Olympic will be joined by the President of the Cortina Foundation 2021, Alessandro Benetton, by the CEO, Valerio Giacobbi; the Mayor of Cortina Gianpietro Ghedina; FISI President Flavio Roda, in the presence of the other World Cup Ambassador, Kristian Ghedina, of the President of the Fune Plants Consortium Marco Zardini and the President of the Cortina Hoteliers Association, Roberta Alverà. "Becoming a Cortina Ambassador in 2021 is an honor I hold dear - says Sofia Goggia - The Olympia delle Tofane has always been my favorite, in recent seasons it has given me great results. It is a place where we breathe a special and incredible atmosphere at the same time: when you take the lifts it is easy to be captured by all the beauties that surround it. From the technical point of view it represents in my opinion the most beautiful stage of the circuit. I thank Fondazione Cortina for giving me this opportunity, I will work to arrive at the world event in full form. In Cortina I wore two years ago my first red bib for leading the World Cup standings in front of Lindsey Vonn, here I took my first photo with the American champion many years ago and always in Cortina last year the tribute returns, although recovering from injury, when he announced his competitive retirement to the world ". "Having Sofia Goggia at our side, as Ambassador of the next World Championships, is something exciting - comments Alessandro Benetton, President of the Cortina 2021 Foundation - Sofia is not only a great champion and a well-known face of the Italian ski, but above all a great influencer, a network character able to be appreciated for intelligence and irony, a girl endowed with a great human inspiration, able to involve people with her enthusiasm and her determination. I am sure that he will make himself an exceptional instrument to promote, in an innovative and international manner, the Cortina brand and above all the World Cup 2021 to create attention and curiosity towards a great sporting event capable of shedding light on the whole of the Conca Ampezzana and the Dolomites, UNESCO Heritage . It is therefore an operation of great value, aimed at young people, athletes and enthusiasts, which aims to amplify "the Cortina 2021 effect" and to tell the laboratory that is Cortina in these years ".