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Michela Caré
Michela Caré

photo by pg fb Karoline Pichler

Karoline Pichler: "Injuries have not stopped my career. I would like to enter the top 30 of the ranking"

karoline Pichler
Karoline Pichler, gigantic blue Italian team, young athlete with an unlucky career behind him. Four knee injuries, one after the other, which forced her to stay still for about three years. That last was the first real whole season in the World Cup, that of the return. The next will be that of revenge ...
How did your workouts go this summer? Everything went well, everything as planned, no hitch. Last month we were in Ushuaia. Here we did not find exceptional conditions as is usually found in Argentina, but we were nevertheless able to bring home a lot of work. We're on the right path. What kind of work did you do? I focused mainly on the giant and I did a couple of days of speed. Even for the start of the season I'm focusing on the giant. For the rest we will see from December onwards. Compared to your team mates, like Federica Brignone and Marta Bassino, what does the stopwatch say? We did a few days of training together. We also carried out an individual program in Ushuaia. Monday we will leave together, we will prepare for Sölden and I will be able to see that I am leaving them. Surely Federica and Marta will be ahead, but it is also true that they are among the best athletes in the world. It's nice to train with them. Now we will enter the race climate and try to reduce the gap. In your career you have suffered many injuries that have led you to skip several World Cup seasons. How hard was it each time to get up and recover? My injuries started in 2015 and from there I was out of the races for almost 3 whole seasons. If I think about it now, it is almost unbelievable that it was so during the time that I was still. In the end I always believed in it, I always tried to give my best in every recovery, I always managed to come back well after every injury. I have never skied with pain in my knees or problems. So in the misfortune of the injury, it always went well with the recovery. Did you ever think about quitting skiing? The head has thought of it. But in the end I never really believed that I could stop skiing because of an injury. Skiing is my life, it's my passion. I gladly train, I like to struggle. I always said that when the time comes to stop, I will decide to do it. It can't be an injury to stop me. All injuries affect your knees. Do you still feel pain or is it all recovered? No, I don't feel pain. I'm completely healthy. I don't have any trouble, it's all at the top. That was your first full season in the World Cup last season. Have you been satisfied? It's incredible, but it's true. It was my first real World Cup season. Surely now, in retrospect, I must be very happy because it was my first full season after a stop of 3-4 years. I also managed to get the best result in the World Cup with the 16th place at Plan de Corones. I am very ambitious, I am not happy enough, so what I did last year is not enough for me. I am happy because I took a first step making a whole season and some results. But I'm not satisfied. Now we need to take the next step. Looking to the future, do you think your injuries have somehow compromised your career? No, I think they slowed it down because before injuries everything was fine. Everything was easy for me. When I was very young I managed to win in the European Cup. Accidents stopped my growth for a while, but they also transmitted something positive to me as an athlete and as a person. They are served, although I would have preferred to have less. What do you expect from this season? I want to enjoy the races, be happy to be healthy and try to have more continuity. The goal is to enter the 30s fixed and lower the starting numbers to then aim higher and higher. Besides the giant, would you also like to do speed? Yes, I've always been a multipurpose, I've always done all the disciplines. Lately I've missed the slalom a bit. From mid-season on I will do a bit of superg and downhill and then resume everything. Your dream in the drawer You can't reveal ...