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Tessa Worley's doubts: "I could not train at my best in Argentina, I hope to be ready for Solden"

La Francia per i giganti di Coppa del Mondo di Sölden
He won last year on the Rettenbach, but has just returned from a knee surgery in the spring. Word to the French gigantist ...
Tessa Worley still has some doubts about her condition, two weeks before the World Cup debut in Solden on October 26th. Interviewed by colleagues at Ski Chrono during a Rossignol event at the Albertville Pro Shop (which was attended by another veteran of the transalpine training and who was also recovering from injury, the bi-world slalom champion Jean-Baptiste Grange) , the 30-year-old Savoyard explained her approach to the first season, which will then pass from the return of skis next week in Saas-Fee (Tuesday 15 instead there will be the presentation of the French national teams in Paris), and then move to Solden in Wednesday, October 23rd. "I returned from Ushuaia last Sunday and I can say I feel good, the knee responds positively. On the other hand, I know him well having had several problems - Tessa smiled - I don't think I'm ready as on other occasions for Solden, given that in Argentina I needed to make up for lost time after the operation and, actually, in the end I only did seven days on skis. It was a bit 'frustrating, there were no super conditions and above all very different depending on the training, but you have to know how to adapt ". Asked if he will continue to try the super-g on some occasion, which cost her a fall in Lake Louise and then proved to be decisive in a negative sense in her previous season, Worley clearly answered. "The priority now is the giant, I did only one day of speed training. After Solden, there will be time to accelerate in November in training at Copper Mountain. "