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Fabio Poncemi
Fabio Poncemi
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Finally Schnarf! Hanna ready to get back on track after 9 months of ordeal: appointment at the Stelvio

Hanna Schnarf seconda nel superG di Cortina d'Ampezzo! Vince Lara Gut, fuori Mikaela Shiffrin e Sofia Goggia
An expected return to the blue multi-purpose expected on the glacier for four days of work.
And 'Hanna Schnarf the best news about the national team, ready to go back to skiing at Stelvio. The return of the 34-year-old from Valdaora was in fact highly anticipated, finally on the track in a few hours and after nine months of calvary, following the terrible accident suffered last November; during a giant training session at Copper Mountain, in fact, the South Tyrolean financiera had fallen getting a displaced fracture of the tibia and fibula of the left leg. "I'll understand my real condition just by taking up training again," one of the blue speed captains had said in recent weeks, still a little doubtful about the return and timing. The rehabilitation went well and, although in the coming days at the Stelvio, his work will simply be rehabilitative-proprioceptive with some free field skiing, recovery enters the most important phase. Until Sunday 25 August, with Schnarf there will be teammates Elena Curtoni, Nadia and Nicol Delago, Verena Gasslitter, Francesca Marsaglia, Roberta Melesi, Karoline Pichler and Laura Pirovano. Leading the girls, the head coach Giovanni Feltrin and the technicians Paolo Deflorian and Paolo Stefanini. While the elite group will leave for Argentina on Wednesday 28 August, the multipurpose aircraft will take the plane towards Ushuaia on 7 September.