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Adelina Sotnikova: "I am looking forward to compete in Fukuoka"

Adelina Sotnikova: 'Non vedo l'ora di gareggiare a Fukuoka'

For the first time in her career, Adelina Sotnikova has qualified for the Grand Prix Final. The seventeen year old from Moscow is the 2013 European silver medalist, and a three-time (2009, 2011, 2012) Russian National Champion.
She is also the 2011 World Junior Champion.

At the end of Trophèe Eric Bompard we met this rising star of Russian figure skating, who placed in second place in that event.

Can you compare your performance here to the one you made in China?

Well, the Short Program was much better in China, here it was not so good. The Log Program..of course here it was a thousand times better! I haven't skated such a good Long Program in years and I am so glad that I was able to perform it in such a good way today.

What did you work on, between Cup Of China and Trophée Bompard?

There was not much time, but I came...let me recall...I rested for a day, then I skated the programs in parts, focusing mainly on the jumps.

And here you qualified for the Grand Prix Final

I am so thrilled that I am going to compete there, I am overwhelmed with emotions. It took me two years to get there and I am looking forward to perform at that competition!

Did the 9th place at the World Championships influence your training over the summer?

I obviously kept training like before, but I payed more attention to the gliding. I tried to change my skating, to improve it. I wanted it to be more feminine. Of course life is not over after Euros and Worlds. Yes, I placed 9th, but at least I was the best among the Russians.

At Cup Of China's press conference Anna Pogorilaya said that she won because didn't have much pressure upon her shoulders and thus was able to skate more relaxed.
Is it true, do you feel such a high pressure?

Liza (Tuktamisheva) and I are in the pressure since 2009, since we became the hopefuls for Sochi. We feel that we absolutely must get there. Now there are new and old girls: Julia (Lipnitskaya), Anna (Pogorilaya), Alyona (Leonova) they can qualify for Sochi but I will not let them take my spot!!!

Do you have any suggestion for the young girls moving from Junior to Senior, who are facing the same difficulties you had in the past two seasons?

I can say that I understand what they are going through – Anna, Elena, Julia – what they feel. I was there in their shoes. I just want to wish them good luck and to have a smooth journey. I know what they go through, I still go through that as well – the puberty – and I still grow and there are so many thoughts in my head...I am not yet an adult, I still don't understand my body completely. It's not easy, I have a lot of silly thoughts and sometimes I am unable to control my body, it's a strange feeling and I don't really know how to explain it. I just want to wish good luck to them.

You are skating to Carmen as your Short Program.
Why did you choose this music?

For the Short we decided to remain in a more Spanish style. I skated a Spanish themed program last year too, but this year we decided to follow the same path. We heard so many pieces and decided to stick with a Spanish theme, and Carmen of all was the best choice in my opinion. The choreographer said it would be a good thing as well.

About the Long Program, we chose a classical piece. In 2010, when I started skating juniors, I had this piece of music in a different arrangement, and I said I wanted to skate to a violin version of it. Any violin. Tarasova brought the music I skated to in 2010. And I said I wanted that piece!

So do usually Tarasova or other people suggest you the music for your programs, or do you bring music as well?

My decision is important, as I say whether I like something or I don’t. I don't bring the music myself, I trust my coaches and we just listen together to various pieces.

And who creates your costumes?

Buyanova .. the designer brings her paintings of the costumes, we look at them and then we decide, together with the the coach, which are the best for me.

Many athletes have been asked about the Team Event at the Olympic Games.
What are your thoughts?

I think it's a great thing. You can see it either in a positive or a negative way. You can think that it is like a practice before the main competition. Or you can think that perhaps you don't need it and you could perform really well at the Team Event and not so well in the individual event later. So honestly I don't know whether I prefer one or the other points of view.  I hope I'll be good in both events: I want a medal in the team competition and I hope to do well in the main competition as well.


Russian translation by Tanya Drubetskaya