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Alessandro Genuzio
Alessandro Genuzio

EYOF 2023: involved the whole Friuli Venezia-Giulia including Udine and Trieste

EYOF 2023: coinvolto l'intero Friuli Venezia-Giulia comprese Udine e Trieste
Presented this morning in Trieste at the Palazzo della Giunta, the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) 2023, the event that in a little more than 4 years will animate the mountains of the entire Friuli Venezia-Giulia region.
The international event was presented in the presence of the President of the Region, Massimiliano Fedriga, the Councilor for Sport, Tiziana Gibelli, the vice president of the Regional Council, Stefano Mazzolini, the president of Coni Fvg, Giorgio Brandolin and the curator of the candidacy and president of Federsci del Fvg, Maurizio Dunnhofer. The event, with a duration of 8 days, will feature the entire region, involving not only the main ski centers but also the cities of Trieste and Udine. The two ceremonies will be held in fact in the two most important provincial capitals, in Trieste the opening ceremony in Udine will take place instead of the closing event, while the competitions will be held in nine other locations. The Valcanale and the Tarvisiano will host the jumping competitions, combined Nordic and Alpine skiing (Tarvisio and Sella Nevea) and the hockey tournament (Pontebba), the Carnia instead will be the scene of the biathlon tests (Forni Avoltri), and of the three experimental disciplines so far you have never entered the EYOF program, skicross and freestyle (Zoncolan) and ski mountaineering (Forni di Sopra). All the rehearsals of the cross-country program will be held in Sappada, while the poles of Pordenone Claut and Piancavallo, as happened during the 2003 Universiade, will organize the curling tournament, and snowboard, short track and figure skating competitions respectively.  "Already from next year will begin the events of approach - announced the President of the Fedriga Region - and will not be events that will enhance a single location, but the whole territory". This Committee, underlined Fedriga, "does not work on announcements, but we present concrete events". To take the field, says Fedriga, in addition to the Region which provides for "investments estimated at 10 million euros for plant and maintenance by the body", also the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. "There will be - he underlines - a collaboration with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to make the investments necessary to guarantee the event, together with Esof2020 we will therefore receive international attention thanks to a series of events that will bring tourists, but above all investors contributing to the growth of the region ". "This is a very important showcase - underlined by Gibelli - that allows us to grow our mountains." It is also a great joy to have Sappada that allows us to complete our Unesco heritage of the Friuli Dolomites ". The Coni, recalled Brandolin, has the ownership of the request for the event "for this I immediately informed the national president, Giovanni Malagò, who accepted our candidacy with pleasure and we managed to open a credible and strong". The event will be organized in collaboration with neighboring countries, followed by Brandolin, "in particular Slovenia, because Capodistria will host the summer games in the same year and will also collaborate with Friuli Venezia Giulia". Finally Dunnhofer explained that "this is a success of a long work, but now comes the most demanding part". The last time Italy hosted the event was in Aosta in 1993.