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Baby break for Elena Meyers-Taylor, while rival Humphries wants to leave Canada for the United States

Baby break per Elena Meyers-Taylor, mentre la rivale Humphries vuole lasciare il Canada per gli Stati Uniti
It looks like a winter full of twists for the world of female bobs. The two great protagonists of the last two Olympic four-year-olds the American Elana Meyers-Taylor and the Canadian Kaillie Humphries, have announced great changes.
The former will not be at the start of next season because in March she will give their first child to her husband and colleague Nic Taylor. "I fully recovered from the injury I suffered last year - the two-time Olympic silver medal explained to the media - I will have to skip the whole season next winter but my goal is to get back in shape already for the following year and to play the podium at the World Championships in Lake Placid 2021 and to fight for the Olympic medal in Beijing 2022. " The change in rival Humphries was decidedly different. After observing a year off and denouncing his federation for having suffered abuse and harassment, he announced the intention to compete for the United States, the nation of origin of the neo -marito Travis Armbruster. "They didn't guarantee me a serene job - with these heavy words the two-time Olympic champion had already accused her federation last January - with these conditions there are no bases to return to compete." From that moment on, the Canadian bobsleigh and skeleton federation had intervened by conducting an internal investigation without ever revealing exactly what kind of harassment and abuse was victimized by Humphries. Last Thursday the Alberta champion returned to the topic again announcing her marriage to former Armbruster bobbista and her willingness to leave Canada to compete for the United States. In the predicament Humphries had thanked all the Canadian people for having supported her in her various successes. The Canadian driver's announcement unleashed a lot of high-level athletes including skater Patrick Chan, who lined up alongside the two-time world champion who quickly became a real "heroine" against the "strong systems." Contacted directly by GlobalNews to hear the other bell, the Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton entrenched itself behind one of the most classic "no comment", since the internal investigation is still ongoing. The Humphries announcement last Thursday did nothing but unleash a new "war" with its federation that ended up in front of the Calgary court. The bobbista, whose last international competition was the Olympic competition of Pyeongchang 2018, asked the Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton to obtain the permit by September 30th in order to start competing under the colors of the American flag. Nothing that was immediately denied. Humphries presented itself in court to overturn the situation but the result was the same. The Calgary judge reiterated last Monday that Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton has all the rights to decide whether an athlete can be left free or not to compete for another nation. The Canadian bobbing lady has clearly been disappointed by the court verdict but added that she will also appeal to lose another racing season. Meanwhile, Humphries will also take part in the US trails of pushing even as a guest. On the other hand, the Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton returned to extend its hand to its athlete, confirming its full support for the coming seasons, "Our task is to support the champions and Kaillie is one of these - explained the director competitive Chris Le Bihan - we want Humphries in our project and we want to support it until the next Olympics where we are sure that we will play an Olympic medal. " The story is far from over. The lawyer of the Canadian bobbista has in fact communicated that Humphries will ask to its federation, for damages for the missed concession of the card and of the abuses and molestation received in the past, an amount of 45 million dollars. Who will make this hard arm wrestle? Posterity will judge...