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Francesco Paone
Francesco Paone

photo by Fisi-Pentaphoto

Sensational Federica Sanfilippo! second in the sprint won by Gabriela Soukalová

Sensazionale Federica Sanfilippo!  seconda nella sprint vinta da Gabriela Soukalova
Dream start to the season for the 'Italian biathlon women who, after the victory of Dorothea Wierer nell''individuale of Thursday & Igrave ;, today has forfeited a second place thanks to a sensational performance of Federica Sanfilippo.
The twenty-five policewoman Ridnauntal found the pi & ugrave; classic days of grace unleashing the "zero" at the shooting range in one afternoon when he simultaneously made a sensational sixth time on skis tight. The combination, together with the mistakes of many favorites, produced a striking result with the 'blue that has forcefully made its entry in the neighborhoods more & ugrave; of the standings and finished second. Who knows long Federica knows what difficulties & agrave; He has gone through in recent years and while he fingered hand with his determination of 'steel. Precisely for this reason & egrave; so the result to surprise, as the timing. It was expected to reach the '' & eacute; lite circuit, but certainly not in times cos & Igrave; short. Today only Gabriela Soukalová & egrave; He was able to overcome Sanfilippo. The twenty six year old Czech has confirmed that it has found s & eacute; un''annata same after the transition, and to beat the 'blue - also author of the best lap time nell''ultimo - 15 "has in turn needed a perfect performance at the shooting range. The podium & egrave; He completed by Olena Pidhrushna revived, again in the top-three after finishing in the same position as the 'individual. A back with a bang after a winter break to the twenty-eight Ukrainian, which was right in the final round of the German Franziska Preu & szlig; and the Norwegian Tirl Eckhoff, relegated to fourth and fifth place respectively. Sixth place for the favorite Eve Marie Dorin Habert, which as always pays its inaccuracy standing. The Alps has to & ograve; confirmed to be the woman most & ugrave; in the form of time on skis tight, where & egrave; proved to be the most & ugrave; fastest ever, surpassing Kaisa M & auml; k & auml; r & auml; inen, author of a parallel test shooting and tenth at the finish line also preceded dall''ucraina Olga Abramova, the best result of his career, dall''azzurra Karin Oberhofer and the German Vanessa Hinz. So the 'Italy also gets a good result thanks to thirty dell''Esercito, which he had to give up the podium due to a mistake on his feet. Dorothea is Wierer & egrave; confirmed far from the best form and in the background has realized a test similar to that of Thursdays & Igrave ;. However, two penalty payment agrave; and a different format did not allow to go beyond the twentieth position. The 'season debut of Lisa Vittozzi (0 + 1) is & egrave; solved in one forty-eighth place reiterates its current poor condition, while Nicole Gontier concluded in the rear due to well 8 penalty payment agrave ;. Among the big it was expected definitely something more & ugrave; by Veronika Vitkova, fourteenth with two missed targets, and Franziska Hildebrand, seventeenth in spite of evidence to the perfect shot. Still badly Russia with Olga Podchufarova to be the top ranked, albeit in a dismal thirty-fourth position. Among the happy note goes instead emphasized the 'important confirmation of the twenty-two Austrian Lisa Theresa Hauser, eleventh, after gi & agrave; nell''individuale impressed. Gabriela Soukalová won the yellow bib with 100 points ahead of Olena Pidhrushna 96 and Marie Dorin Habert to 92. Tomorrow at 13.30 the 'pursuit. & Öland; stersund - SPRINT FEMMINILE1. SOUKALOVA Gabriela [CZE] (0 + 0) 19''46 "22. SANFILIPPO Federica [ENG] (0 + 0) 15" 03. PIDHRUSHNA Olena [UKR] (1 + 0) 38 "44. PREU & szlig; Franziska [GER] (0 + 1) in 39" 85. Eckhoff Tiril [NOR] (1 + 0) 40 "46. DORIN HABERT Marie [FRA] (0 + 2) in 42" 97. Olga Abramova [UKR] (1 + 0) 46 "08. OBERHOFER Karin [ENG] (0 + 1) in 47" 69. HINZ Vanessa [GER] (0 + 1) 52 "010. M & AUML; K & AUML; R & AUML; INEN Kaisa [FIN] (0 + 2) in 52" 2Clicca here for full results.