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Francesco Paone
Francesco Paone

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Kathrin Hitzer-Lang Announces Retirement

Kathrin Hitzer-Lang annuncia il ritiro
Kathrin Hitzer-Lang has officially announced its withdrawal from activities'' competitive. The German, 28 years to accomplish in the month of September, had long been over the edge of the circuit, but it can be defined as great untapped talent'' s last decade.
The native Obernheimerin at the youth level is was one of the few athletes, if not the only'', able to hold their own on narrow skis with Magdalena Neuner. Hitzer in the World Cup hit immediately on levels of excellence'', so close to the tenth and eleventh place respectively the overall standings of the 2006 season -'' 07 and 2007 - 08'' picking up two wins and five podiums. Just in 2008, however, began the tendon problems that forced her to undergo surgery several times in both legs. After two years lost in 2010 - 11'' found health, but remained step away from the bottom of the biennium 2006-2008. The Teutonic became pregnant in the fall of 2011'' and'' he married the former cross-country skier Toni Lang, assuming the surname. Over the past two winters has participated in trials of the maximum circuit only twice, staying far away from the points. The end of the career is not state of the most Glorious: excluded from convened for the 2014 Sochi,'' he argue with the outgoing head coach Uwe Müßiggang. Hitzer in each case is able to write the history of the German biathlon, becoming the first athlete from the Baden-Württemberg to win in the World Cup.