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Francesco Paone
Francesco Paone

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Sudden announcement of Maxim Tchoudov: "I'm retiring"

Annuncio improvviso di Maxim Tchoudov: 'Mi ritiro'
Maxim Tchoudov, 31, suddenly announced his retirement from competitive activity''. "After a very serious injury that prevented me a long time to train and compete I tried for two years to return to what it once was.
This summer I prepared myself very seriously, I played the place for the World Cup and I competed in Ibu Cup I realized that there are so many guys in the team younger and stronger than me, so for the most ; old is the time to quit. I will give the'' goodbye'' to competition in Izhevsk Rifle of December 20 and 21 will make the torchbearer for the Olympic torch. I am happy that I have dedicated my life to the biathlon and do not regret a second of what I experienced. " Maxim Tchoudov ended his career with four individual victories, including the'' gold in the sprint at the World Cup 2008. At the level champion scored individually 3 silver and 1 bronze. In addition, with the relay has won 2 gold and 1 bronze Olympic championship. From 2010 onwards, his performance has declined due to major health problems in the back. In this winter he had wanted to acceptable levels after two years of neglect getting a podium in Ibu Cup, however the maximum return in the circuit was a mirage and as a result the athlete'' Ufa has opted for the'' good-bye.