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Fabio Poncemi
Fabio Poncemi
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photo by Mirco Romanin

Also Fourcade alongside the young blue biathletes in the Bessans gathering. Romanin: "Top conditions to work"

Gli azzurrini del biathlon in compagnia di Martin Fourcade
The junior national team in the shadow of Iseran for the second seasonal gathering, waiting for the summer Italians.
From last Monday, until Tuesday 27th August, the azzurrini of biathlon are sweating in Bessans, in the heart of the Haute Savoie, after having worked at Forni Avoltri on the occasion of the first collegiate. On the fourth day in French territory, the third load after the beginning of training, there was also a great surprise for the boys led by the head coach Mirco Romanin; on the wave of the Forni Avoltri Summer Biathlon in 2017, an afternoon of competitions was organized which saw Italian talents confront each other directly with a certain Martin Fourcade, in a meeting with the French national team mates (groups A and B are present of the transalpine team), as well as alongside a tip of Norway like Tiril Eckhoff, while Tandrevold is also expected in the coming days. "This is a high-intensity gathering and I am satisfied with the work done so far - Romanin explains himself - Everything is proceeding at its best, given that we are in a top place to hold level sessions, with ample training opportunities. The weather is helping us and, after the last unloading job, we will travel to the Italian summer championships in Val Martello ”. The races that involved the Azzurrini then concerned an individual shooting test, with Rebecca Passler excellent second behind Julia Simon and, among the boys, Iacopo Leonesio who fought with high quality athletes, finishing in 4th place in the race won by Quentin Fillon Maillet. The mass start saw the participation of only the Italian boys, with Beatrice Trabucchi first in front of Samuela Comola, Rebecca Passler, Hannah Auchetaller and Linda Zingerle among the girls, while David Zingerle regulated his companions Tommaso Giacomel, Cedric Christille, Stefano Canavese, Iacopo Leonesio , Didier Bionaz and Michele Molinari. Fourcade took part, in the company of David Zingerle himself, in a relay race which saw the team of Linda Zingerle, Cedric Christille and Emilien Jacquelin prevail, while the relay race for men and women saw the top three finish in the race. In this last test, the victory went to the duo Comola-Giacomel, ahead of David Zingerle-Passler and Christille-Trabucchi.