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Alessandro Genuzio
Alessandro Genuzio

VIDEO - Fischnaller: "Having lost the Cup is so burning, but it gives me great motivation to move forward"

VIDEO - Fischnaller: 'Aver perso la Coppa così brucia, ma mi da grandi motivazioni per andare avanti'
In Piancavallo (PN) at the end of the FIS PSL competition valid for the Italian Snowboard Championship 2019 we exchanged a few words with Roland Fischnaller leader of the Italian flag patrol and new Italian champion of the specialty.
To our microphones Roland explained all his disappointment for how the 2018-2019 season ended where he lost the World Cup for a handful of points in the last race. It was this defeat that gave the Italian snowboard veteran new motivations to continue his career in the coming years. Fischnaller, who this year won a world silver in the United States anyway, is aiming bluntly at the upcoming Beijing 2022 Olympic Games since the Olympic track is favorable to its characteristics and those of its other teammates. In addition, the Secret Garden track which will be the scene of the Five and Rim races presents different analogies with the Piancavallo track where in these days Fischnaller and his mates played the absolute Italian championships. Exactly this particular explained the technical director Cesare Pisoni to our microphones, will allow the Italian team to find the ideal place to better prepare the Olympic event. The words of the Alto Adige that echo those pronounced yesterday by the Olympic champion Michela Moioli are pushing the Organizing Committee of the absolute and above all the Friuli Venezia-Giulia Region to nominate Piancavallo in the coming years and its tracks as the venue for a stage of the Cup of the snowboard world.