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Fabio Poncemi
Fabio Poncemi
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Record season for snowboarding: 44 races with lots of Italy, from the big air in Modena to the new Piancavallo

Stagione da record per lo snowboard: 44 gare con tanta Italia, dal big air a Modena alla novitą Piancavallo
First parallel giant in Russia, then in mid-December it underwent Cortina, followed by Carezza and Cervinia. There will also be a double test at Seiseralm
It will be the record season for the snowboarding world, the one that will start next August 25 with the preamble of the big air in Cardrona, New Zealand, and will be lit with the encore, twelve months after the super debut last November, scheduled with the Modena stage, inside the Skipass fair on Saturday 2nd November. There will be a lot of Italy in the next World Cup, as established by the FIS which has formalized a calendar full of 44 races, divided between 9 parallel giants, 1 parallel team giant, 5 parallel slalom, 3 parallel team slaloms, 8 snowboard crosses, 3 team snowboarding, 4 halfpipes, 5 slopestyle and 6 big air. There are six locations on our peninsula: after the Modena stop, Cortina will still have a parallel giant on Saturday 14 December, Carezza another parallel giant on Thursday 19, Cervinia a snowboard cross on Saturday 21 before living a slopestyle in Seiseralm in the new year Thursday 23 January) and the great novelty of the Piancavallo tests (which hosted a very high level Italian championship in March), which will host an individual and a team parallel slalom on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 January. WORLD CUP CALENDAR Sun. 08/25/19 - Male and female BA Cardrona (Nzl) Sat 02/11/19 - BA for men and women Modena (Ita) Sat 11/31/19 - BA male and female Beijing (Chn) Sat 07/12/19 - PGS male and female Bannoye (Rus) Sun 08/12/19 - Male and female PSL Bannoye (Rus) Sat 12/14/19 - PGS male and female Cortina (Ita) Sun. 15/12/19 - Male and female HP Copper Mountain (Usa) Sun. 12/15/19 - SBX for men and women Montafon (Aut) Thu 19/12/20 - PGS male and female Carezza (Ita) Sat 12/22/19 - Men's and women's SBX Cervinia (Ita) Sat 12/21/19 - Male and female HP Secret Garden (Chn) Sat 12/22/19 - Male and female BA (USA) in a location to be established Sat 04/01/20 - Male and female BA Duesseldorf (Ger) Sat 04/01/20 - PGS male and female Lackenhof (Aut) Sun. 05/01/20 - PGS Team Lackenhof (Aut) Fri. 10/01/20 - SBX for men and women Bad Gastein (Aut) Sat 11/01/20 - PGS male and female Scuol (Svi) Sat 11/01/20 - SBX mixed team Bad Gastein (Aut) Mar. 14/01/20 - Male and female PSL Bad Gastein (Aut) Wed. 15/01/20 - PSL Team Bad Gastein (Aut) Wed. 15/01/20 - Male and female SS Laax (Svi) Thu 16/01/20 - Male and female HP Laax (Svi) Fri 17/01/20 - Male and female SS Laax (Svi) Sat 18/01/20 - PGS male and female Rogla (Slo) Sat 01/18/20 - Male and female HP Laax (Svi) Thu 23/01/20 - Male and female SS Seiseralm (Ita) Sat 25/01/20 - Male and female SBX Big White (Can) Sat. 25/01/20 - PSL male and female Piancavallo (Ita) Dom. 26/01/20 - PSL Team Piancavallo (Ita) Dom. 26/01/20 - SBX Big White mixed team (Can) Sat 01/02/20 - Men's and women's SBX Feldberg (Ger) Sun 02/02/20 - SBX Feldberg mixed team (Ger) Sat 01/02/20 - Male and female SS Mammoth (Usa) Sun 02/16/20 - Male and female SS Calgary (Can) Sat 02/14/20 - Male and female HP Calgary (Can) Sun 02/23/20 - Male and female PGS PyeongChang (Kor) Sat 02/29/20 - Male and female PGS Blue Mountain (Can) Sat 02/29/20 - Men's and women's SBX Secret Garden (Chn) Sun 01/03/20 - Male and female PSL Blue Mountain (Can) Sat 07/03/20 - SBX for men and women Sierra Nevada (Spa) Sat 03/14/20 - Male and female PSL Winterberg (Ger) Sun. 03/15/20 - PSL Team Winterberg (Ger) Sun 03/15/20 - Male and female SBX Veysonnaz (Svi) Sat 03/21/20 - Male and female SS Spindleruv Mlyn (Cze)