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Uscendo dalle piste, verso il freeride e lo scialpinismo

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On 2 March in Misurina (BL) you can ski to save the snow leopard.

Il 2 Marzo a Misurina (BL) si scia per salvare il Leopardo delle nevi.
On March 2nd, Dynafit is organizing the tenth edition of the International Snow Leopard Day, a project to save snow leopards from extinction. Last year the collection made it possible to accumulate more than 1 million meters in height, which Dynafit converted into a donation of 11,000 euros. Also this year the event will be held simultaneously in nine different countries and for each meter in altitude, DYNAFIT will donate one hundredth euro to the non-profit organization Snow Leopard Trust which will finance the first world census of the population of snow leopards. an essential procedure for researchers.
Dynafit calls together all the ski mountaineering enthusiasts with the aim of accumulating meters in altitude to protect the snow leopard. The brand, which has chosen this animal as a symbol of its logo, has been supporting the Snow Leopard Trust for some years, the most important and historic association that is committed every day to the study of the snow leopard and the protection of its habitat, in constant reduction and under continuous attack by man. Each meter of altitude gain collected during the various stages of Snow Leopard Day will be switched into a donation of one hundredth of a euro. Last year DYNAFIT was able to pay well 11,000 euros, thanks to the total collection of more than 1 million meters in altitude. The project will stop on Saturday 2 March in Italy in Misurina, in the province of Belluno, with the support of the Salewa Store Longarone points of sale, but also of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo Alpine Guides. The participants of the day will have 7 hours, from 9.00 to 16.00, to make the greatest possible difference in height. The departure of the ski lift is located near the Alla Baita restaurant in Misurina. It will be possible to move on a track marked by the organization with information boards autonomously, but for those who are beginners or wants a "pellata" in the company the Alpine Tre Cime di Lavaredo guides will be happy to accompany the ski mountaineers to the top Forcella della Neve: departure for groups organized at 9.00 or 12.00 in front of the Alla Baita restaurant. The participation includes the registration at the moment of the start and the payment of an offer of 10 Euro, which entitles to a lunch at the Restaurant at the Baita and the possibility of skitest of DYNAFIT equipment of the current season, even if, to in front of any eventuality, it is advised to bring your own equipment. It does not matter that you are professional ski mountaineers, simple amateurs or beginners, every meter of height gain will be precious. The proceeds of the 2019 edition of Snow Leopard Day will fund the first world census of the population of snow leopards, an essential procedure for researchers, because only by having exact data will it be possible in the future to protect this rare feline and prevent interventions in its natural habitat. The other European stages of Snow Leopard Day 2019: GREECE - Pisoderi village, Florina - 16 and 17 February GERMANY - Tegelberg - 2 March AUSTRIA - Biberg, Saalfelden - 2 March POLAND - Zawoja, Mosorny Groń - 2 March SLOVENIA - Dom na Zelenici- 2 March SLOVAKIA - Turany, Trusalová - 2 March SWITZERLAND - Sulzfluh, St. Anton, Graubünden - 3 March FRANCE - Val Thorens - 3 March For more information: https://www.dynafit.com/it-it/snow-leopard-day-2019 What is the "Snow Leopard Trust"? Since 1981, the Seattle-based Snow Leopard Trust has been active in protection of the surviving specimens of the snow leopard and carries out research on this feline at risk of extinction. The snow leopard habitat is getting smaller and smaller. Studies estimate that there are currently 3,500 wild animals, which are experiencing an ever-increasing threat due to poaching, climate change and decimation of their habitat. The organization carries out projects in China, India, Kirgisistan, Mongolia and Pakistan, carrying out research on these endangered animals and restoring their habitat, in collaboration with the population of mountain regions.