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Rino Galeno
Rino Galeno

Summer emotions in Val Senales, summer skiing, nature and history

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On June 23, the glacier of Val Senales at 3200 m. of altitude opens the lifts for the Summer Skiing, session 2012. It is a good opportunity to explore the Val Senales, which offers hiking enthusiasts in shelters at high altitude, walks in the Nature Park and close to the possibility of a dip in prehistory.

who has already visited at least one of the five countries that make up the Schnalstal, Monte S. Catherine, Charterhouse, Madonna, Vernago, Maso Corto, has certainly learned about the tradition, culture, history, sports and entertainment that you are the most perfect execution, offering endless opportunities for its guests.
L 'Iceman.
It's called Oetzi is the first prehistoric man and the beginning of the Copper reached us in excellent condition, with his equipment, his clothing and accessories.
'was found in 1991 at the border between Italy and Austria at 3,213 meters above sea level, and called the Iceman because the Man was the refuge of that name, near Bolzano, to receive the news first.
His weapons and tools have withstood more than five millennia in the ice: it's copper ax, a flint dagger, a bow and wooden arrows, an awl, bait, a flint, a backpack . The mummy is now in Bolzano in South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology. The exhibition is divided into two parts: the first there are the cold storage for preservation of the mummy, as well as a laboratory and a decontamination room; In the second part is exposed accessories.
On a stele of age of copper was found recently in Laces, there is an incision in Val Venosta rock that could be a representation of the assassination of Oetzi: there is depicted a murder: an archer who aimed his arrow at the back of another men.
The residence of Reinhold Messner.
For those less interested in archaeological culture, you can choose from many paths and quiet shores of alpine lakes, valleys and cultivated farms, including shelters high altitude and the beautiful Natural Park Texelgruppe offering an attractive setting and give a glimpse of the variety of colors and the silence of nature.
At the valley you can visit to Castel Juval, the current residence of mountaineer Reinhold Messner, which was built in 1278 by Hugo von Montalban in one convenient location all'igresso Schnalstal, bordering Passeiertal and Val Venosta.
All around the castle rise the peaks of the Alps , which in many cases higher than 3000 meters above sea level. In summer and during exhibitions you can visit the castle and do not miss the room of a thousand joys, so named in honor of the landscape that is enjoyed by its windows. Since 1983 after the restoration it conducted its most recent tenant, within it are arranged Tibetan art collection, a collection of masks from 5 continents, a photo gallery dedicated to the mountains and a botanical garden.
Skiing in the summer.
The ski resort of Val Senales has 35 km of trails, a gondola that takes skiers to just 6 minutes from Kurzras the glacier beyond 1200 m difference in height, 4 and 8 chair lifts.
adventurous visitors can ski on the glacier every morning and afternoon reach Lake Monticalo Eppan or Lake Caldano or choose among several paths, the quiet shores of lakes alpine valleys and cultivated farms.
The summer ski season opens this year on June 23 and, after a pause in August, will continue until next winter opening hours provided is from 7.30 to 13.00.