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Angelo Bonorino
Angelo Bonorino

VIDEO: Rossignol X Color Tour 2019, 10 Stages in the best locations

Rossignol X Color Tour 2019, 10 Tappe nelle migliori località
We visited the Rossignol X Color Tour in Madesimo and together with our Marta Denti and the responsable village Riccardo Nasuti we saw our experience in the village. Each stage of the Tour is an event dedicated to snow and fun, with the opportunity to participate in the fun funfair that gives the Tour its name. The ski-test Rossignol brand top skis are available at the village. The latest Peugeot SUVs are on display and the music and animation of Radio Number One is never missing. Among the attractions you can play and win many prizes with EasyJet and enjoy an aperitif offered by MySpritz Polini.
HOW THE RACE WORKS - Rossignol X Color Tour is a non-competitive fun-race open to all with the aim of maximum fun, suitable for adults and children and for every level of skier. A captivating formula, a cross between a treasure hunt and an orientation race, naturally in the snow. The game takes place in teams of at least two components and consists in finding the colored X scattered on the slopes of the area hosting the event. Each competitor is equipped with a jacket in TNT that is perfect for being soiled in color (strictly non-toxic and eco-friendly) and must go to all color points to complete the track and win fantastic prizes and gadgets offered by the sponsors! Online registration for the X Color contest ( with donation starting from € 5 per person with payment on the spot, which will be donated to the Continuando a Crescere association for the support and promotion of winter sports on the territory. NEXT APPOINTMENTS - After the stages of Folgaria, Bardonecchia, Madesimo and Alleghe, the most colorful tour of the winter season moves to Roccaraso, for the 'only stage planned in the Apennines. The appointment is scheduled for next weekend, 23 and 24 February absolutely not to be missed!