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Alessandro Genuzio
Alessandro Genuzio

photo by Dolomiti Dream

Sappada officially becomes the sixth PromoTurismoFvg ski resort

Now it is official, Sappada will become part of the Friuli Venezia-Giulia ski poles managed directly by PromoTurismoFvg from next winter.
This was announced today in Pordenone by Sergio Emidio Bini, regional councilor for tourism, who illustrated the information on the launch of the first official act to allow the management of the ski lifts, and their next purchase by PromoTurismoFvg. The destination management of the Region, in fact, guarantees the operation of ski facilities throughout the territory, taking care of both the maintenance aspects and those related to the development of winter tourism. "Sappada is the sixth ski resort in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, and for this reason December 1st the facilities will be opened by PromoTurismoFvg, which is working to ensure rapid management transfer and to demonstrate to the local community the Region's concrete commitment to this natural and expected passage ". The current management of the plants, partly entrusted to the Municipality and partly to some private individuals, as explained by the councilor, presented some criticalities that made it necessary and urgent for PromoTurismoFvg to take charge of the infrastructural system which, also through the adoption of maintenance interventions, it will be able to guarantee the optimal start to the ski season, scheduled for the first day of December. In fact, as recalled by Bini, the regional legislation provides that the activities of design, construction, modernization, transformation and management of ski lifts and ski slopes are carried out by PromoTursimoFvg also acquiring the structures owned or in use for any reason. In the immediate future, a comparison will be launched with the Municipality of Sappada and the other managers to find a solution that is as common as possible. As regards the subsequent phases of the timing, the councilor explained that, pending the definition of the procedures for the acquisition of the systems and taking into account the need to ensure the start of the next winter season, PromoTurismoFvg will take over in the current management already in the coming months, taking care of the procedures related to the concessions of the structures. "We will proceed quickly - Bini assured - because this is what the regional council wants and, above all, it is what Sappada expects".