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San Giacomo di Roburent: weather forecast next days
Temp: 9°C

Wind: 3 knots
T=0 level: 3350 m
Temp: 13°C

Wind: 0 knots
Monday Morning
Temp: 10°C

San Giacomo di Roburent

Skilift Alpet
Skilift Alpet
photo by snowpeter
Snow Area Preview
Piste chiuse per fine stagione
update 14 March 2019

Last snow:
3 February 2019, 20 cm

St. Giacomo is a hamlet of Roburent, a village located in southern Monregalese, about 800 feet high. The name of the village comes from the river crossing of the valley, the river Roburentello. The hamlet of St. Giacomo is located approximately 4 km from the town and is an old town that has as its centre the church dedicated to San Giacomo.

The skiing is spread across the two mountains that rise behind the town, Bric Colm (1300 m) and Mount Alpet (1600 m). There are thirty kilometers of ski slopes, five of which are covered by snow cannons. The slopes are served by 1 two-seater chair lift and 8 lifts.


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San Giacomo di Roburent: there is an agreement for the strengthening of artificial snow systems

by Redazione Turismo
Monday 4 June 2018
In view of the next ski season in San Giacomo di Roburent, the snowmaking system programmed in Bric Colmè will be upgraded and the snow-making system on the Monte Alpet will be built.
Un incendio distrugge la seggiova di Ala di Stura

A fire destroys the Ala di Stura chairlift

by Alessandro Genuzio
Tuesday 3 September
A fire most likely of arson origin, destroyed the ticket office and the new control room of the chairlift that rises up to Pian Belfè in Ala di Stura Piedmontese ski area yesterday morning.
macugnaga monte rosa

Macugnaga, work begins on the Alpe Bill cable car

by Michela Caré
Thursday 22 August
Work begins on the cable car that goes from the Staffa hamlet to the middle station of the Alpe Bill. This is the first intervention of the project born to relaunch tourism in the Piedmontese ski resort.

Piedmont, funds for small ski resorts released

by Redazione Turismo
Tuesday 9 July 2019
On July 4th a Conference of the group leaders was held, chaired by the President Stefano Allasia, where the green light for the small ski resorts of Piedmont was given.

Macugnaga, on 29 and 30 June, can ski at Monte Moro

by Michela Caré
Monday 24 June 2019
This weekend, Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 June, in Macugnaga it will be possible to ski in the Monte Moro area on the San Pietro slope.
Conca di Mera

Alpe di Mera, open a track for ski mountaineers

by Michela Caré
Friday 19 April 2019
At the Alpe di Mera, thanks to the abundant snowfall at the end of the season, ski mountaineering enthusiasts will still be able to have fun in this end of the season despite the fact that the lifts have stopped working on 7 April.
Ski Test Freeride. NeveItalia sceglie Alagna Valsesia

Freeride Ski Test. NeveItalia chooses Alagna Valsesia

by Angelo Bonorino
Sunday 7 April 2019
Fabulous landscapes, organization of the highest level, altitude range ranging from the 3000 meters of the Indren glacier to 1191 m. of the inhabited area of Alagna and that allow in all seasons to find the snow in excellent conditions. We add the charm of the real mountain at the foot of the legendary Monterosa 4000, with the town center where the Walser houses create a unique atmosphere of extraordinary beauty. If we combine all this with more than two meters of fresh snow that fell during the last week, NeveItalia could not but choose Alagna as the base location for the Freeride 2019/2020 test.
prato Nevoso snow volley

In Prato Nevoso the Grand Finale Snow Volley Tour 2019

by Michela Caré
Monday 25 March 2019
From March 29th to 31st in Prato Nevoso the Grand Finale of the Acqua San Bernardo Snow Volley Tour 2019 will be held, now in its fifth edition. A volleyball tournament where everyone can participate, amateur teams side by side with international level champions and fun until late at night.
macugnaga Calcio

Macugnaga, on the slopes of the Monta Moro football match between Italy and Switzerland

by Michela Caré
Monday 25 March 2019
Yesterday, Sunday 24 March, Macugnaga hosted the Italy-Switzerland football match on the slopes of Mount Moro, at 2800 meters above sea level.
Macugnaga si rifà il look: ecco come cambieranno gli impianti

Macugnaga looks again: this is how the plants will change

by Fabio Poncemi
Friday 22 March 2019