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Michela Caré
Michela Caré

San Pellegrino Ski Area, opens the Track of Lovers

cuore Pista Innamorati
Starting tomorrow, February 9th, in the San Pellegrino Ski Area you can ski on the Pista degli Innamorati, the most romantic track of the Dolomites, which descends from the mountain station of the Col Margherita cable car (2,514 m) to Falcade (1,100 m).
During the 11 km long descent, you can make a first stop at the Capanna Passo Valles refuge. The track then continues through a nucleus of characteristic Tabià and a fantastic larch forest, soon reaching the Caverson ski bar at 1,560 m, where you can stop for a second stop. From here begins an easy slope that leads to the height of Falcade Alto and the most challenging stretch of the entire Run of the Lovers, also accessible to less experienced skiers. Finally you enter the woods again with a suggestive ski weg that allows you to reach Falcade and the Falcade-Le Buse cable car in a few minutes.