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Michela Caré
Michela Caré

The feasibility study of the Trento-Monte Bondone cableway was presented to the Municipality

dario maestranzi
Last February 15th the feasibility study, drawn up by Trentino Sviluppo, was presented to the Town Planning Committee of the Trento City Council on the possibility of building the cableway connecting the city of Trento to Monte Bondone.
Currently Trento and Monte Bondone are connected by a cableway system, with 45 years of life, up to Sardagna (although the line has been in operation since 1925!) The idea now would be to replace this system with a 10-seater gondola lift highly technological (wi-fi and air conditioning) that arrives up to Vason and with two intermediate stations: Sardagna and Vaneze. According to the feasibility study of Trentino Sviluppo, the construction of the plant would lead to several advantages including the decrease in traffic, the lengthening of seasonality with the use of the cableway in the summer and in the middle seasons, and the increase of occupation. The costs would be around 30 million euros plus an additional 15 million for the construction of an underground car park. Who has been carrying out this project for some time is Dario Mestranzi, Councilman of Trento and Delegate for the economic development of Monte Bondone: "The cable car would represent an enhancement of the mountain. I have already had the opportunity to talk to some private people considering the potential also as an investment. I hope that a proposal will be made for a work of public interest. If so, the provincial administration following the law governing the public private partnership would have 90 days to respond and a call will be published to see if there is any other private that better the offer. Now we are in a favorable epochal moment because there is convergence of citizenship, public opinion, the City Council, the Province, the University and the Muse, among the many. Respect at first, now Trento is more attentive and ready to the development of its mountain. On March 13 there will be a monothematic summoning of the City Council on the relaunch of Monte Bondone where a first decision could already be taken (inclusion in the PRG) on the possible construction of the cableway which has been around for about 100 years ". In recent days, the writer Mauro Corona and the mountaineer Reinhold Messner have expressed a positive opinion in favor of the connection between Trento and Monte Bondone, which supports both an eco-sustainable solution to reduce traffic and pollution along the way. Should the cableway not be built, the negative aspects would remain, such as the disaffection of the Trentino towards the Bondone, relegating it (except in some weekends of particularly snowy seasons) to tourist area for external guests, often coming from Eastern European countries. The reachability from Trento of Monte Bondone, given the characteristics of the access conditions, requires times similar to those necessary to reach destinations in Trentino far more equipped and organized.