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Michela Caré
Michela Caré

Mondol 2024 Masterplan, Gian Luca Oliva aims to re-launch tourism in the Monregalese area

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"Master Mondolè 2024" is the master plan created through the collaboration between the Piedmont Region and the company Prato Nevoso Spa, with the technical-strategic advice of Rina Consulting.
"Rina Consulting is one of the largest European engineering companies - explains Gian Luca Oliva, managing director of Prato Nevoso Spa - dealing with major strategic plans. We have planned what will be the investments of the next five years with the aim of making Prato Nevoso both a state-of-the-art station and an international station, because today the clientele, due to the number of limited beds, is made up of people coming from from Liguria and Lower Piedmont and that it owns second homes ”. "Ours is a ski resort that lives a lot of daily tourists - continues Gian Luca Oliva - We have days with large numbers of visitors. We reach around 30,000 people in the village between skiers and others. Many tourists come mainly on weekends. One of our goals is therefore to increase the stay of tourists. The points to work on are: artificial snow, an increase in the number of beds, which at the moment are 700, the construction of quality hotel facilities, such as a five-star hotel, in order to also have a certain type of clientele, the realization of a series of services such as spas and parking lots, and the rationalization of the plants. In this regard, we are already replacing a two-seater chairlift with a gondola designed by Porsche, the first in Piedmont ”. The project was presented last September 20 in Turin at the Palazzo della Regione. An idea of how Mondolè numbers will change is obtained by scrolling through the expected development data contained in the Plan. If investments in the last 10-15 years have favored a growth in arrivals (+ 140% since 2002) and in presences (+110 since 2002), with the implementation of the masterplan these numbers are destined to grow again, with a potential increase of the arrivals of 25% (in 2024) and the increase of the stay from 4 to 6 days, for a total that reaches almost half a million presences a year. Eight million euros have been invested in the new cable car, which will start operating this season. another 3.5 million euros to boost artificial snow and 8 million euros, invested in two new chalets - Himalaya and Everest - to increase the number of beds in the ski area by another 400 units. In addition, 3 million euros will be invested to create new car parks in a key that takes into account the new mobility and the consequent environmental sustainability: 250 seats at Borgo Stalle and 250 at Baita Verde.