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Mondolé Ski - Artesina, Prato Nevoso, Frabosa Soprana

Snow Park Park Prato Nevoso
Snow Park Park Prato Nevoso
photo by Marcello Perathoner
Snow Area Preview
update 18 April 2019

Last snow:
4 April 2019, 25 cm

The district of MondoléSki is in a particularly sunny area, just a few miles from Mondovi (CN) and is the ideal place for non-skiers, thanks to the presence of discos, cinemas, ice-skating rinks, restaurants and other premises.
The ski area offers 100 km of pistes for Alpine skiing with 24 lifts immersed in the magnificent panorama of the Alps Maritime. There is particular care taken in preparing the slopes and a constant renewal of the installations and facilities have made Ski area Mondolé one of the most interesting districts in the western alps. 
There are facilities for cross-country skiing and also a skating rink, mini moto sleds, climbing wall and swimming pools in hotels that enrich the potential of the resort.


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prato Nevoso snow volley

In Prato Nevoso the Grand Finale Snow Volley Tour 2019

by Michela Caré
Monday 25 March 2019
From March 29th to 31st in Prato Nevoso the Grand Finale of the Acqua San Bernardo Snow Volley Tour 2019 will be held, now in its fifth edition. A volleyball tournament where everyone can participate, amateur teams side by side with international level champions and fun until late at night.
cabinovia Pratonevoso

Prato Nevoso, a new 10-seater gondola signed by Porsche

by Michela Caré
Thursday 27 December 2018
In Prato Nevoso, a new 10-seater gondola signed by Porsche is on its way. The plant, which will come into operation in the winter season 2019/2020, will replace the Red chairlift. The project, conceived by "Porsche studio design", will revolutionize the way of transporting skiers and cyclists because it can also be used in summer to reach the peaks of the Ligurian Alps.
openseason 2017

Prato Nevoso, December 8 Open Season with the J-Ax concert

by Michela Caré
Wednesday 5 December 2018
On December 8th, the start date of the ski season, the Open Season will be held in Prato Nevoso with an exceptional guest, the singer-songwriter and rapper J-Ax who will perform at 8pm. The concert will be opened by Grido, Space One and Fabio B. Along with them there will also be the DJs of RDS, the official radio of Prato Nevoso.
Da sabato 24 Novembre impianti aperti a Prato Nevoso

From Saturday November 24th, open systems in Prato Nevoso

by Angelo Bonorino
Wednesday 21 November 2018
Also this year the primacy for the early opening of the plants in Piedmont belongs to Prato Nevoso. The snowfalls of the last days have in fact created the right bottom while the arrival of low temperatures finally allowed the plant engineers to shoot for three days continuously on the slopes of the basin.
A Prato Nevoso una nuova seggiovia e una nuova cabinovia con soldi privati, quelli pubblici vanno all'innevamento artificiale

In Prato Nevoso a new chair lift and a new gondola with private money, public ones go to artificial snow

by Redazione Turismo
Friday 10 August 2018
The stations of the Mondolè Ski are working hard planning the future winter to make the district more and more competitive.
Prato Nevoso: il bike park più grande del cuneese

Prato Nevoso: the largest bike park in the Cuneo area

by Alessandro Bergomi
Tuesday 17 July 2018
With its three freeride trails and over 40 km of trails, the Prato Nevoso bike park is the largest cycle route in the Cuneo area and among the first in Piedmont.
skilift Artesina

The Rocche Giardina ski lift pigeons enter the history of Piedmontese skiing

by Michela Caré
Saturday 14 July 2018
It was 1979 when the Rocche Giardina ski lift was built at Artesina. Today, after 40 years, the ski lift retires and will be replaced by a chairlift that will start operating from next winter.
rocche Giardina

Artesina, the new Rocche Giardina chairlift for the 2018/2019 season

by Michela Caré
Tuesday 26 June 2018
The company Artesina Spa won the tender for the construction and management of the Rocche Giardina chair lift, which will link Artesina with Prato Nevoso, and which will replace the old ski lift that has been in operation for 40 years,
prato Nevoso

Prato Nevoso, with the purchase of the skipass, the women receive a free night

by Michela Caré
Saturday 31 March 2018
It is called Days for Girls the promotion that Prato Nevoso, the Piedmontese ski resort in the province of Cuneo, has designed for women for this season finale extended beyond April 8th thanks to the favorable snow conditions.
prato Nevoso

Prato Nevoso, season record. You ski past 8 April

by Michela Caré
Tuesday 27 March 2018
Prato nevoso, the Piedmontese town in the province of Cuneo, aims to reach the 150-day opening record of all the station's facilities, that is to say 5 months of activity. This year, in fact, the season had started early, on November 18th, thanks to the favorable snow conditions. With over three meters of snow, therefore, the season will continue beyond the final which was scheduled for April 8th.