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VIDEO - Luca Moretti: "Livigno runs and dreams with the Cinque Cerchi"

Luca Moretti: 'Livigno corre e sogna con i Cinque Cerchi'
The 20 years of the Stralivigno with the record of registrations and the opening from today of the new track of athletics, hot topics of the last week, have been the cue to speak with the president of the Apt Luca Moretti of the offer summer labeled Little Tibet, already projected at the Olympic appointment of 2026.
"Events like the Stralivigno serve to make people appreciate what our valley can give. On the other hand, the path that will lead us to the Cortina Olympic Games in Milan also passes by these occasions, in which important guests also take part, as was the case of Kaisa Mäkäräinen, competing in the 20th edition which recorded the record number of 1200 members " . "I have been working continuously for seven years to make Livigno a pleasant base for high-quality training. As a former athlete I can say that it is not a discounted combination. Here we were able to best interpret the needs of athletes and endurance sports, which have benefits at 1800 meters. So I talk about running, biking and even swimming recently ". After training is the added value of Livigno: "Here we have shopping, walks, aperitifs, good restaurants, the typical Italian lifestyle but with that touch of internationality guaranteed by our customers. Everyone is united by the same common denominator: sport ”. "We have just opened the athletics track (which will be inaugurated on September 14th), work will begin on the 50-meter pool and there is also a climbing gym (new Olympic discipline). On August 23 we will have the traditional appointment on natural snow with the Palio delle Contrade and the 1kShoot, also in the name of that healthy competitive spirit that represents us well ”. "We will not neglect cross-country skiing, biathlon, alpine skiing even in autumn and winter. We are still pursuing the dream of organizing a World Cup parallel at the start of the season. And on this I am firm and determined to get it. We will also add snowboarding and freestyle. Aquagranda will be the Olympic meeting place where our athletes' village will also be built. Facilities that will be used to prepare for the Olympics ”.