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Giorgio Rocca: "It would be nice to use snowfarming in Livigno even for an alpine ski race"

Giorgio Rocca: 'Sarebbe bello usare lo snowfarming a Livigno anche per una gara di sci alpino'
In Livigno on the occasion of the Palio delle Contrade 2019, Dario Puppo interviewed Giorgio Rocca one of the Livigno Team ambassadors.
The livignasco winner of the 2006 slalom World Cup has always been very sensitive to the sporting activities that are carried out in its Livigno and on the occasion of the 1kShot to our microphones it has confessed a dream of his, "By now the competition of August of Livigno has become a must Only 10% of the accumulated snow is used to open the cross-country ski run and it is nice to open the season this way: As a former alpine skiing athlete my dream would be to use snowfarming on the slope and to organize a team Event in late October or November. " Rocca made himself available to the municipality to make his contribution as a former athlete for the organization of the Olympic Games competitions of 2026, "Livigno is now becoming a place where athletes are at ease and it often happens that the same once they come here they come back several times.The Olympic competitions will give further impetus to Livigno and for my part there is the maximum availability, which 'now the organizing committee should request it, to give my contribution. "