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Skitour dei Forti: Folgaria, Lavarone e Luserna

Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna, represent the tip of the ski area of south-eastern Trentino, inserted into a scene of great charm, between the remains of the fortifications of the Great War (1915-18) and bounded on the north by Valsugana, south by the Valley Terragnolo, west by Vallagarina - Val d'Adige and east by the 'plateau of Asiago and Val d'Astico.
As evidence of the Great War are the Austro-Hungarian fortifications, the "Fortress of the Emperor" Gschwendt-Belvedere Forte, Forte Cima Vezzena Busa Verle, Lusérn Forte, Forte Chele large sum Alto, Forte Dosso of the Somme. The forts are located along a line of 30 km between the top and the ranges of Vezzena Serrada and connected to the others by former military roads, and small trenches.
The ski area offers the carousel Skitour: about 70 km of slopes well that are well maintained. There are two centres for skiing: Passo Coe at 1610 m. altitude with 35 km. of tracks (which hosted the Masters World Cup 97), and Fort Cherle to 1400 m. long with 14 km.


Plateau Folgaria is one of the oldest rural communities in Trentino.
Originally German Cimbri, in the course of its centuries-long history has fought hard against feudal power in defense of its privileges of freedom and independence; that is why it still boasts the honorary title of Magnificent Community.
Today Folgaria has become one of the most famous tourist resorts of The nature of this territory is extremely rich in attractions: the Botanical Gardens of Passo Coe (a reserve is characterized by numerous and beautiful botanical species and some obvious and striking phenomena) to peat bog Ecchen from the path of geomorphological Mezzomonte (located in the middle of the River Horse valley and allows the inspection of the glacier mills Casom) Lake Lavarone, with the undeniable beauty of its waters and the stillness that surrounds it.
A few dozen meters from the centre along the Ring Road, is the sports hall, a large structure that houses a large gymnasium, two swimming pools, a fitness centre and an area designated for conference events.

The Plateau Lavarone and Luserna is a nice alternation of broad plains, woods and meadows, hills and meadows embellished by the exciting presence of Lake Lavarone.
The name does not identify a specific capital but the entire plateau on which you highlight the three major centers: Gionco, Church and Chapel.