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A new 10-seater Leitner gondola for cabin arrives on Etna

In arrivo sull'Etna una nuova cabinovia Leitner da 10 posti per cabina
A new gondola lift will be built on the Etna promising to be one of the most modern in terms of technology and the most efficient in the world.
The plant, which will have greater characteristics, unlimited environmental impact, eco-sustainability, energy saving and easier access, will be built inside the Leitner factories of Vipiteno, the world leader in the sector where the agreement was signed for the construction of the gondola lift that will be entirely financed with private capital of the Russo Morosoli Group through a renewed agreement between the two companies that has lasted for over 40 years. As the director of the Francesco Russo Morosoli Group says in the video below, for the first time since 1953 the cableway will be modernized not following an eruptive event and the flow will increase from 1200 to 2000 people per hour without damage to the environment given that the support piers have been halved (only 12). The cabin will be a 10-seater, designed by Leitner together with Pininfarina, with therefore greater comfort, with sliding doors and a total number of 35 cabins.