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Alessandro Genuzio
Alessandro Genuzio

Arrested Russo Morosoli. Skip the new Etna cableway?

Arrestato Russo Morosoli. Salta la nuova funivia dell'Etna?
Francesco Augusto Russo Morosoli, legal representative of the Russian Morosoli Invest Spa, was arrested this morning, a company that was supposed to manage and implement a new Etna cableway by 2020.
According to investigations by the Catania Public Prosecutor, Russo Morosoli is accused of corruption, along with some local public administrators who would have led to a monopolistic management of the volcano field. Only a few weeks ago the 'entrepreneur from Catania had presented with great pomp his project to relaunch the Etna, through the signing of an agreement with the' company Leitner of Vipiteno that would have realized by 2020 a new gondola, fully funded with private capital of the Russo Morosoli Group. A brand new plant with a highly innovative character with twelve 196 meters long pylons against the 20 existing today, an hourly capacity of two thousand people an hour, compared to 1,200 today, 35 Diamond Evo cabins, signed by Pininfarina, more resistant to wind gusts and able to carry up to ten people. "A major redevelopment and modernization project" - as defined by Russo Morosoli, which also has to respond to extortion against employees of the television station Ultima Tv, "a system that respects the environment with only 12 supports necessary for the ropes , half of the existing ones ". Will the arrest of the entrepreneur stop this project too?