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Michela Car
Michela Car

photo by pg fb Tofana Freccia nel Cielo

The Tofana Freccia nel Cielo cable car is renewed for the Cortina 2021 World Championships and for the Milan - Cortina 2026 Oly

tofana Freccia Nel Cielo
On the occasion of the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympics and the Cortina d’Ampezzo 2021 World Championships, the Tofana - Freccia nel Cielo cable car takes on the look.
After 50 years of service, the plant, which leads tourists and skiers to the Col Drusciè and Ra Valles ski areas, is preparing to host the two events assigned to the Queen of the Dolomites. At the moment work has already begun on the first section of the Tofana - Freccia nel Cielo cable car which includes modern 10-seater gondola lifts and the renewal of the departure station where a ski depot, a bar and a new ticket office are also planned in addition to new offices. The old station has already been demolished. A Colfiere intermediate station will also be built, which will allow the old two-seater chairlift to be dismantled. The new plant will guarantee a greater number of people transport and the reduction of the ascent times. The works will be completed by 2021 for the World Championships in Cortina d'Ampezzo