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Alessandro Genuzio
Alessandro Genuzio

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Corno alle Scale: in summer at the start the works for the connection with the Abetone?

Corno alle Scale: in estate al via i lavori per il collegamento con l'Abetone?
There is great fibrillation among the tour operators of Corno alle Scale, the dream of seeing the Emilia region connected with the Abetone could soon become a reality.
The project to relaunch the Apennine area has been discussed in the past few days at the Confesercenti conference in Bologna, which has returned to highlighting the need to invest the 20 million euro allocated by the Government to implement the project. long awaited work. "It will be done by 2021 - revealed Mario Corsini Councilor for Tourism of the Emilia-Romagna Region - and as early as July 2019 the works will be contracted, there are 20 million euro, of which 10 are from the Emilia Romagna region and 10 from the Region of Tuscany.The masterplan will be fundamental with which before the project we will establish how to make the cableway and what to dispose of in the area affected by the plants.In the next few years the Region will allocate 25 million euros for the modernization of tourist facilities ". The new work, a cableway, would link the towns of Corno alle Scale in Emilia and Doganaccia in Tuscany, giving rise to a single inter-regional area that would guarantee a considerable expansion of the skiable property. "This is a strategic work for the development of the whole Bolognese and Tuscan Apennines - underlined Loreno Rossi, director of Confesercenti Bologna - during the next Tourism Exchange of the Cities of Art and the historic villages that we will hold in June 2019 in Bologna, we will organize an eductour on the ancient villages of our Apennines ". "The people of our mountain are demoralized - Clarisse Roda, director of the Corno alle Scale Ski School - has relaunched no more than these bureaucratic and biblical times: here everyone believes that the Corno-Doganaccia connection can boost tourism, lengthen the winter season, fill the summer one ".