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Michela Caré
Michela Caré

photo by pagina fb Campo Felice

The news for the season 2017/2018 in Campo Felice

campo Felice
Campo Felice, the small ski resort of Abruzzo, will present some news for the winter season 2017/2018.
The most important is the new fixed-lift quadruple chair lift that will replace the old School Field chairlift. Made by Leitner Ropeways, it will not have the footrest (the second in Europe to have this feature) and it will feature a child safety bar that is blocked until the chairlift arrives at the mountain station. There will also be two new tracks, Quota dx and Quota sn. The first will allow entry into the amphitheater of the Cerchiare, the second will allow you to enter the track Volpe. Improvements also for the Leone Low track and the linkage between the Leone and Fox rails and a Dick training track lighting enhancement. For snowboarders, there will also be news for the Snowpark Swup. The last two terraces of the Jib Line, the landing of the last terracing of Kicker Line, the last terracing and the final part of Easy Line will be expanded. The wallride will instead be positioned as the last structure of the central line. It is not yet known the opening date of the plants, but hopefully in early December.